Friday, 6 September 2013

Bath time horrors

Bath times used to be such long leisurely sessions of pure indulgence. Beautifying oneself in the pursuit of loveliness. Lotions and potions and of course scented candles.....

*sigh* I can still remember those days. But now its all rush, rush trying to dip all three into the tub, brisk wash and out before the water turns cold. Welcome to my world. When can I go back to the old life?

Can you spot the 3 princesses and 4 Barbies?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Summery September

Oldest child started back at school today Y2 and the twins start Reception next week....I cannot wait, this has been a long time coming ever since I found out I was pregnant second time round back in October 2008. I couldn't celebrate my 37th birthday properly and by Christmas I was weeping/wailing when I heard there was two in there and dealing with a toddler hitting the terrible twos.

Not that I am an OCD mummy but with first born I had already our LIFE mapped out: Have a baby by 35, get her to sleep through the night, wean her, get back to work, teach her walk/talk, put her name down for pre-school, get her into pre-school, put her name down for primary school, get her into school JOB WELL DONE

Of course having twins boys has been filled with a lot of hardship (emotional and financial) but the end is in sight. I can nearly relax.

Although I do feel like the oldest mum on the school run and will avoid all Sports Day activities if I can help it. My knees cant do running! So a bit of unhelpful advice which my mum gave me when I told her I was pregnant with twins: Don't have a toddler and twins in such a short space of time - thanks mum!

BTW loving this extended Summer weather, a recent work trip to Henley was really pleasant despite the 2 1/2 hour journey. Such blue skies, pretty river scenery and a delish lunch...but check out the tiny salmon portion! That is not a huge lemon but a tiny bit poached fish!