Monday, 21 April 2014

Home made pop tarts

If you have been indulging in eating chocolate Easter eggs over the last few days but still have too many uneaten ones. Try this idea, its similar to pop tarts (but with less E numbers!). I've omitted coating the pastries with icing and sprinkles - the kids don't need the extra sugar rush but you can do :-)

PS. I've been trying to post onto my blog using my iphone, but not sure its looking quite right yet so bear with me...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fashion Face

My lovely friend Zoe is a personal stylist, we met when we both worked at the house of mouse many, many years ago. On one memorable occasion during quite an epic Nania themed Christmas Party - we tried to steal one of the raffle prizes, a giant Chicken Little!

Selfie taken over 9 years ago - we still look the same!

The plush toy was actually really heavy - I'm actually struggling to carry it, which is why we aborted our attempted robbery...that and I think the security guards would have caught us making a painfully noisy/giggly escape. 

She now runs her own business and has cleverly designed a range of bags which you can buy from her website Zoe Hawkins Stylist

The bags have been silk screened with her own hand drawn illustration and personal saying 
"True Style is Within"
The bags are ethically made, designed and printed in the UK. 

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Facing April

Spring weather has been a real mixed bag so far and my skin doesn't know how to cope: I've been using Skinesis for a while and then we had a really hot sunny spell so I dashed out to buy a new moisturiser with a 30 SPF by This Works, then it went cold and wet again so I switched back to Skinesis but it wasn't helping my drier patches (I have combination skin) so I stopped by L'Occitane and bought the Shea Butter Creme with SPF 20. Yes fickle beauty junkie me... any excuse to purchase new lotions and potions!

The L'Occitane is a more solid moisturiser, balm like which needs to be warmed up more in your palms before applying to the face. The Shea butter smells wonderful and leaves my complexion really soft.

I've now heard the weather forecast is going to hot up again with a 3 month heatwave hitting these shores- unreal!! But at least I have the This Works lotion ready to protect my face. I truly thank the hindsight I had at 30 to stop sun bathing and use all season sun protection - its really helped prevent the deep wrinkles and preserve what I had. I'm not trying to hold back time and look younger, that would be silly, I'm proud to be in my 40's !

Saturday, 5 April 2014

International Pillow Fight Day

We didn't get the memo so currently trapped around Trafalgar Square whilst International Pillow Fight Day happens around us!