Saturday, 31 March 2012


Another belated post - home life is interfering with blog life....poorly Mr Fashion has had two trips in an ambulance and hospital stay (yours truly got a lovely stay at the NHS hotel, with en-suite). The staff couldn't have been more helpful and fingers crossed the treatment is working and he is now back at home.

Thanks to a twitter heads up from Amanda at The Online Stylist the DVF for Gap DVF collection was hitting in-store and on-line. Curly Haired Beauty had seen some of the collection featured in mummy's Grazia magazine and gave a very vocal opinion on what she really liked and wanted to have. How could I let her down? Most of her wardrobe are hand-me-downs from older cousin (Lucky me my sister is a huge Mini-Boden fan), Hello Kitty dresses from Hennes and a few bit and bobs from Primark. So nothing fancy or pricey and well you know how fast kids grow out of things.....

So having flashbacks to the Marni Madness I headed to The Gap store on Oxford Street with a heavy heart but was pleasantly surprised there were no queues, no hysterical women, just a few sales assistants folding the DVF clothing into neat little piles. What a colour feast for the eyes. The prints really 'pop' and can I *squeal* how terribly cute all the outfits were??? I wanted to buy it all and then realised that I was too big, nothing would fit me and I was hear for my 5 year old daughter. Drat, and double drat!

So I made a small *ahem* selection.....

A couple of jersey dresses, one in a pink paint splatter print, green love heart print. A baby's body suite and matching ballet slipper for a friend's new baby.

With a special bag for your purchases. NB The length of the dresses are on the skimpy side and a bit too short for my liking for a small child. So I went up a size for a better fit.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Charlie's Angels

This is a bit of a cobbled post, a combo of several things that I didn't get round to blogging earlier.

Last Friday I was invited my a colleague for a Meet and Greet and show around at The Bloomsbury Hotel Doyle Collection .

We were given a lovely tour of the premises and if you are ever in town you must go a pop in for a restorative cuppa tea in the lobby. We were treated to a generous 2 course lunch and given a goodie bag with Aromatherapy Associates lotions and potions

Corn beef hash with fried egg

Fish and Chip - it is Friday after all.
On Sunday it was Mother's Day and I got a bit of a lie in...... 7.20am - whoopee doo.

I got tea in bed and cereal bought up by D and Curly Haired Beauty in my new Cath Kidston breakfast set.

I hitched onto my brother's plans with my mum and dad for lunch.....plus his mother in law, his sister in law her husband and of course his own wife and 2 kids. Hey we're a close family, his in-law family is my family. In fact his in-laws have probably turned up for my children's birthday more than my own in-laws have done (but that's another story!)

The kids loved the train ride into London 

What's not to love about this view? The London Eye, a bridge going over the River Thames, boats, Big Ben all in one big sweep.
Dim Sum in China Town - the only place who can accommodate a lunch party of 13 that include a pair of boisterous boys who cannot sit still.

After lunch a little window shopping. Curly Haired Beauty was drawn to a Hello Kitty display - Mr Fashion trying to get into shot.

  At the end of the day, a few glasses of prosecco and my feet up. I'm clashing nicely with my floral tights and Cath Kidston sofa. Have you noticed I like Cath Kidston a lot!
Today I had to get a new photo taken for my work ID card, being the vain person I am I nipped out to get my hair done at Rush. I got a speedy blow dry by Jessica and she gave me exactly what I wanted: not too much volume on the top, loose curls at the end. The hair-do I always wanted ever since I was a child and an avid fan of Charlie's Angels. Not the crappy film version with Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. But the TV series from my youth starring Jaclyn Smith. She will forever be Kelly Garrett in my eyes.

My hands don't normally look that huge and crabby like.

Brocade jacket Vintage Christian Dior 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Marni Madness

It's been a furious Twitter day for me today....started out with not being able to log into the Hennes website to purchase on-line the Marni collaboration collection. 30 minutes of refreshing the web page and no joy. So I had to brave the scrum and get down with real people and queue outside the Oxford Street store. Only to be told to come back at 1pm as they had run out of wristbands and had to re-fresh the stock.

Bah humbag

Anyway to cut a long story short I went back to the store during*ahem* my long lunch break. Made it through two queuing systems, survived the 10 minute allocated time to shop and walked away with the following items:

I haven't tried this trouser suit yet, I could only get it in a size 10 - so it could be making its way onto my sale site
This dress is a perfect fit and will look good with my crepe fawn Ghost jacket
Super swingy umbrella shaped skirt. Much more shinier in real life

I also got the following items - but I'm taking them back for a refund due the fit and cut not being quite right for my figure ...yep I did get Marni madness fever - but I totally blame the hot sunshine, lack of food/lunch and being caught up in a shopping frenzy

The photo doesn't show you the weird batwing like sleeves
Strange cut which made my boobs look droopy and I'm an A cup!

I would have dearly loved to have got the blue swimsuit and maybe a few of the chunky necklaces. But sadly they were already sold out.

I want to thank all the Twitter company I had today, you kept me highly entertained in the queue Mwah x twosp

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Marching through

Spring already and today felt like April Showers...where did the time go? Been plagued by the plague in my household: one by one everyone has been knocked down with a horrid cold accompanied by raging high temperatures, coughs, aches and pains. Oh and vomit - Nice!

So not a lot of joy right now but I have been making an effort to keep up appearances by wearing SS12 brights in the hope that a little ray of sunshine may shine on me and make my life more bearable.

The easiest way of doing this has been to wear bright opaque tights. Keeping the rest of my outfit neutral in colours of black, navy, camel, white and khaki. But packing a punch with high-kicking (creaky) legs - bonus result my legs stay warm. Still too early to go bare legged yet!

Credit for photo from here . Hennes have got a great selection of colours in-store right now.