Another belated post - home life is interfering with blog life....poorly Mr Fashion has had two trips in an ambulance and hospital stay (yours truly got a lovely stay at the NHS hotel, with en-suite). The staff couldn't have been more helpful and fingers crossed the treatment is working and he is now back at home.

Thanks to a twitter heads up from Amanda at The Online Stylist the DVF for Gap DVF collection was hitting in-store and on-line. Curly Haired Beauty had seen some of the collection featured in mummy's Grazia magazine and gave a very vocal opinion on what she really liked and wanted to have. How could I let her down? Most of her wardrobe are hand-me-downs from older cousin (Lucky me my sister is a huge Mini-Boden fan), Hello Kitty dresses from Hennes and a few bit and bobs from Primark. So nothing fancy or pricey and well you know how fast kids grow out of things.....

So having flashbacks to the Marni Madness I headed to The Gap store on Oxford Street with a heavy heart but was pleasantly surprised there were no queues, no hysterical women, just a few sales assistants folding the DVF clothing into neat little piles. What a colour feast for the eyes. The prints really 'pop' and can I *squeal* how terribly cute all the outfits were??? I wanted to buy it all and then realised that I was too big, nothing would fit me and I was hear for my 5 year old daughter. Drat, and double drat!

So I made a small *ahem* selection.....

A couple of jersey dresses, one in a pink paint splatter print, green love heart print. A baby's body suite and matching ballet slipper for a friend's new baby.

With a special bag for your purchases. NB The length of the dresses are on the skimpy side and a bit too short for my liking for a small child. So I went up a size for a better fit.


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