Charlie's Angels

This is a bit of a cobbled post, a combo of several things that I didn't get round to blogging earlier.

Last Friday I was invited my a colleague for a Meet and Greet and show around at The Bloomsbury Hotel Doyle Collection .

We were given a lovely tour of the premises and if you are ever in town you must go a pop in for a restorative cuppa tea in the lobby. We were treated to a generous 2 course lunch and given a goodie bag with Aromatherapy Associates lotions and potions

Corn beef hash with fried egg

Fish and Chip - it is Friday after all.
On Sunday it was Mother's Day and I got a bit of a lie in...... 7.20am - whoopee doo.

I got tea in bed and cereal bought up by D and Curly Haired Beauty in my new Cath Kidston breakfast set.

I hitched onto my brother's plans with my mum and dad for his mother in law, his sister in law her husband and of course his own wife and 2 kids. Hey we're a close family, his in-law family is my family. In fact his in-laws have probably turned up for my children's birthday more than my own in-laws have done (but that's another story!)

The kids loved the train ride into London 

What's not to love about this view? The London Eye, a bridge going over the River Thames, boats, Big Ben all in one big sweep.
Dim Sum in China Town - the only place who can accommodate a lunch party of 13 that include a pair of boisterous boys who cannot sit still.

After lunch a little window shopping. Curly Haired Beauty was drawn to a Hello Kitty display - Mr Fashion trying to get into shot.

  At the end of the day, a few glasses of prosecco and my feet up. I'm clashing nicely with my floral tights and Cath Kidston sofa. Have you noticed I like Cath Kidston a lot!
Today I had to get a new photo taken for my work ID card, being the vain person I am I nipped out to get my hair done at Rush. I got a speedy blow dry by Jessica and she gave me exactly what I wanted: not too much volume on the top, loose curls at the end. The hair-do I always wanted ever since I was a child and an avid fan of Charlie's Angels. Not the crappy film version with Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. But the TV series from my youth starring Jaclyn Smith. She will forever be Kelly Garrett in my eyes.

My hands don't normally look that huge and crabby like.

Brocade jacket Vintage Christian Dior 


  1. Don't worry my hands look like a pack of Walls finest when i take a picture like that! I really must go to the Bloomsbury that fish has my mouth watering!


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