Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Strike a pose

I've been nominated for Best Fashion Blog by a Mummy at the Gurgle Awards 
this Saturday (hint vote for me please) - Its being held in a lovely venue in central 
London and nominees are going to get spoilt with some pampering treats. 
I'm looking forward to meeting up with my fellow bloggers and having a good 
catch-up with Tor at Fab frocks gets married who is planning an Alice in Wonderland 
themed wedding.

Photos will be taken and posted later on the web and I know I only ever do one pose 
for pictures (yes call me a poser) - in my whole family album I am facing forward (my best angle), 
chin dropped slightly down by 1/2 inch, big smile (lots of teeth on show) , 
body slightly twisted, shoulders relaxed, chest out. Yes is does take a bit of effort 
to pose like this but its worth the hassle - in the world of facebook tagging, its so much 
easier to have a bad photo of you out in cyberspace when you would rather have a good one!

Oh and no talking - nothing worse than you gob wide open, catching flies.....

Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer time

Hooray its been a long time coming, Summer has lasted a whole week and looks like it may even last another. 

Its been so lovely outside, that I've not spent much time inside at home; surfing the net blogging or commenting. Gotta make the most of it, paddling pool has been inflated, Gazebo is up, vegetables are growing and we may have strawberries on the way. I spent half the weekend on my own without D's help - so with 3 to entertain, a fox loose in the suburbs, I improvised. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been enjoying splashing about with a washing up bowl of water. I've never seen them drink so much water before (using Curly Haired Beauty's toy tea set). OK there's a bit of sand and grass mixed into the water but that won't harm them very much. CHB is in her pink sun suit and thinks she looks like Barbie in A Mermaid Tale . She's yelling she is swimming 'watch me, watch me' in the 2 inch depth of water - the paranoid mum in me won't let me fill the pool right up in case of drowning. No one is allowed to die on my watch! 

In W1 its hot, hot, hot - the heat is radiating out of the pavements and so far I have surprised myself by not trawling the stores for the summer Sale bargains.  Too many people out and about and the thought of the packed changing rooms, long queues to tills makes me think I could use my lunch break a little more wisely. This may raise a few eyebrows but I am already looking ahead to next, next season -SS11. This Burberry Prorsum Pre-Collection coat has caught my eye. It's got a touch of the Bet Lynch about it, re-worked of course! I just love that pulled in tight belted look. No doubt copies will be seen in Mango, Hennes etc. 

 This may sound daft but I guess I still have my fashion brain cells working ahead of the season - August was normally the time we would shoot the Christmas spread. A memorable shoot was in a grand house in Clapham over looking the common. It was so big inside there was a kitchen upstairs on the 3rd floor as well as one in the basement.  We had the interior styled with a massive Christmas tree, a roaring fire (my goodness that was hot and hard work to keep the flames going) The 'model' family - Dad with square jaw, a trim Mum and not looking at all tired (unlike the reality  for real mum's!) Boy, Girl. A huge mountain of fake wrapped up presents. By the time the shoot was over, samples were packed and sent back to the PR's - I felt I had truly 'done' Christmas and could never work up the enthusiasm for the real thing when it time came along.  

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A year ago today...

Twin Thursday.
A year ago today was Thing 1 and Thing 2's expected due date - of course they decided to make an earlier appearance. Here they last summer in the garden sharing a pram - yep two months old and that diddy in size. 

Now here they are a year on - Two robust little boys who are full of energy and keep me very busy! 

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How much?

After chomping at the bit waiting for the Net-a-Porter sale to start, I have to say the pieces I had my eye on are either not available in my size or not discounted enough to warrant the purchase. I feel a little under-whelmed by the selection and dare I say it a little tight about making a new purchase in these austere times. Maybe I can't be happy shopping after last week's funeral when my dear friend has lost her husband (separated/soon to be divorced/the Children no longer have a no-good father).

This Sonia Rykiel dress cost the same as my first car I bought in 2001, a green metallic Nissan Micra.

It was not the prettiest of cars, had a beige fabric interior and was 3/4th hand. But I loved it and drove around loads. One tank of petrol used to last me a week and it never cost me more than a tenner to fill her up. Ah those were the day's before the 119p per liter charges. It didn't like hills and I used to have my foot to the floor on the gas pedal trying to climb up the hills near Crystal Palace. It was also pretty reliable until I lent it to my brother and he managed to have an accident parking it and ripped the front bumper off. It was never the same after that - RIP.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Last nights telly

There must be a lot of sore head today in the burbs, judging by the massive amount of cans being sold in Tescos yesterday afternoon. I popped in yesterday after the funeral to get a few healthy snacks and came away with several bags of Kettle chips on special offer for £1. Some people actually took a day off work to get prepared for the 'Big Match'. I think you had to be paralytic to have watched the game, all I can say is dull, dull, dull - I kept flicking between Glee , Gardeners World and the result stayed the same for the whole 90 mins ( +3 mins extra time).  I have a feeling all the St George's flags will be coming down soon - they have been a big blight round here (on cars, windows, shop fronts). Roll on proper armchair sports, bring on Wimbledon

Friday, 18 June 2010


Today was a really sad day as I went to a funeral to support my oldest friend whose husband had died in a tragic car accident. He was only 36 and leaves a widow and two very young children. My heart goes out to them, especially to the daughter P who is also my god daughter. I left my own babinos with D and my mum and took a train, tube and another train to Milton Keynes. Took forever to get too and under grey skies I met with my sister at the station and together we took a short car trip to the cemetery. Today our twin thing kicked in as she too was sporting a black satin Alice band.Mine had flowers and her's had a bow.

This was the very first funeral I have attended - last year a beloved uncle passed away from terminal cancer but I was unable to go due to the twins being so tiny and poorly. The funeral procession arrived shortly after us and I gave my dear friend K a nod as the car passed us. The mourners were a mixture of work people, people from Uni, some family members and friends. As Chinese tradition dictates the older generation cannot see off their young so there were not many family members attending. K my dear friend was a shadow of her former self and she sobbed in my arms as I held her tightly. I felt so helpless. P my god daughter was so brave and I gave her a hug as I left.

I didn't go to the funeral to pay my respects to her husband. I was there to support K and her children. Her husband left them last summer and hooked up with a younger woman. They were going through a messy divorce where he wanted to give no maintenance to the children and was generally behaving like a total ass-hole. I know you're not suppose to speak ill of the dead. But I am so very angry that he got what he wanted, a 'clean break' from being a husband and a father. Now his family has to pick up the pieces. A lot of our friends did not turn up today because of his hurtful actions. We had thought when he got tired of his new 'girlfriend' and see sense again, she would forgive him for the sake of the children and would come back to the marital home.  K still loved him - it breaks my heart. No words were said, most of the mourners queued up to scatter some earth over the coffin. I hid in the back, I wasn't prepared to do that for him. I did shed some tears for K, P and T who turns 3 this month. It only took 30 minutes and then it was over and I headed home.

I was grateful D was working from home today. I know how very lucky I have been with the man I married, he would never be so weak minded and have his head turned and give up on his family so easily  - its not been an easy road for us - the last 3 years I have been pregnant for 17 months and the 3 tots are a handful most days. The only break I get is when I go to the office. But we are a family unit and have survived the near loss of two babies to become stronger. We are blessed.

So please give your loved ones an extra hug and squeeze tonight - xx   

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dream Holiday

I've had a few day's staycation - makes a nice change from going to work. Wish I had spent it here in this amazing Italian Palazzo . It looks like a fairy tale castle :-D

Can you imagine the fun you can have in here? I would break my carbon neutral rule and go fly out all by Bestes and family and have a swell party - we shall gorge ourselves silly on fantastic calorie laden Italian food, overlooking the hills and then dance away the calories until dawn!
I would drink myself silly on glorious vino and not worry about a hangover the next day - as I would have also booked a nanny to take care of the bambino's. Here's hoping my Lotto numbers come up tonight. Oh S*** I forgot to buy a ticket!!!!!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Summer holiday gear

Inspired by Looking Fab in your Forties on what get in the summer sales for the summer holidays. I have spied these lovelies from Oasis. It won't break the bank so I feel justified getting some new things just to wear for the holiday.

I also need to get a new swimsuit - the current one has been taken over by the Curly Haired Beauty who likes to put it on and pretend to be a mermaid. The bottom hangs down her body so she likes to flip it about like a tail??!?!?

I used to be a huge fan of bikinis and hated one pieces as wearing them made my stomach all hot. But  since I found out the hard way - during a baby/mothers swimming session (top got yanked down!) you can't really wear them with small children clinging onto you for dear life. There was me the only mum in a bikini at the municipal pool and now I know why! 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

We're not even mid-way through June and the longest day is coming up in less than 2 weeks time. Which means days will get shorter ...can someone tell me did I fall asleep and miss the summer in London? I know there was a brief weekend of glorious sunshine but I was in hospital with Thing 1. And ARE the summer sales starting earlier and earlier every year? Didn't they used to happen in August? Not that I am complaining - glorious bargains to be had and I am having fun browsing on the net (in avoidance of the World Cup/Big Brother/CSI etc.). Looky here on Stylebop one of my favorite sites - I totally love this wonderful dress by Juicy Couture and will probably get the yellow mac too (rain first thing in the mornings, what a great start to the day). I will always love Net-a-porter but it does seem a tab unfair the US site has already started their summer sale but the UK site hasn't!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Men Vs Women

Cage Shoes, Platform Clogs, Peep Toe Boots - sometimes something comes along which you gotta have; making you look fashion forward but leaves men scratching their head not getting it.

I guess a man likes what makes a woman look sexy  and clompy shoes are just not sexy! Now I love these boots from Matches by Lara Bohinc but I know D will just ask me why do they have a bit missing or what is the point of them? There is no point trying to explain to him that they are the must have shoboots. It was beyond his comprehension to accept treggins, jeggins and skorts... OK made the last one up but the Curly Haired  Beauty does have a skirt/short combo outfit.

A lot of women think SJP is a an amazing looking woman with a great dress sense. But ask a man and he will think she looks a bit horsey....

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rose tinted specs

It was half term break last week and Oxford Street was awash with teens, trundling down, walking very slowly in packs. I couldn't bear to step out of the office to browse round the shops - its too depressing trying to get any service from the sales staff - who would rather ignore ME with the serious cash to spend and pander to the kids who had none and was just trying on everything with no intention of buying. Jeeze makes me sound ageist - I'm not I was once a teenager - now I sound really OLD....Anyway I retreated to the internet and came across these goodies from Topshop 

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Baking hot

Today someone at the office decided to do a spot of sunbathing - nothing out of the ordinary there, it was a lovely sunny day. Except she choose to do it in the company car park - which is over looked by the office, postal sorting office and several other buildings. At first glance you would automatically assume someone had jumped out of the window and landed in the car park. She was THAT spreadeagled, face down, wind whipping up her skirt. She was lying on top of a towel so it suggests she had planned her action and was quite unperturbed by the commotion she was causing  from our 6th floor window. Now I know some people love to sun worship despite knowing the damage it does to your skin. But really there is a time and place for such things - Soho Square is very close by; she could have gone there rather than lie down between a couple of parked cars and motorbikes.....oh well summer has finally arrived so we had better make the most of it I suppose.