Dream Holiday

I've had a few day's staycation - makes a nice change from going to work. Wish I had spent it here in this amazing Italian Palazzo . It looks like a fairy tale castle :-D

Can you imagine the fun you can have in here? I would break my carbon neutral rule and go fly out all by Bestes and family and have a swell party - we shall gorge ourselves silly on fantastic calorie laden Italian food, overlooking the hills and then dance away the calories until dawn!
I would drink myself silly on glorious vino and not worry about a hangover the next day - as I would have also booked a nanny to take care of the bambino's. Here's hoping my Lotto numbers come up tonight. Oh S*** I forgot to buy a ticket!!!!!!


  1. When I win the lottery I'm going to rent that palazzo for a month and invite all my blogging friends!

  2. That is one hell of a palazzo! Love the new look and the 3 column wizardry .

  3. Love the new look too! Gorgeous!

    Off now on business trip- pleased you liked those embedded pics etc over at my place!lol

    xxx LOLA:)

  4. Love the new blog layout! Enjoy dreaming over the holiday!

  5. The new layout's lovely. What I wouldn't give to have a big boozy dinner and not have to get up!

  6. Aaaahhhh, the lottery. I never play but always dream about what i'll do with the winnings. Holidaying is so high up on the list lol

    Oh and i've finally responded to your shoe sharing post over at the Ramblings ;-)


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