Rose tinted specs

It was half term break last week and Oxford Street was awash with teens, trundling down, walking very slowly in packs. I couldn't bear to step out of the office to browse round the shops - its too depressing trying to get any service from the sales staff - who would rather ignore ME with the serious cash to spend and pander to the kids who had none and was just trying on everything with no intention of buying. Jeeze makes me sound ageist - I'm not I was once a teenager - now I sound really OLD....Anyway I retreated to the internet and came across these goodies from Topshop 


  1. You came across them, but did you buy them? Lovely picks.

  2. I love all of those pieces for summer. And ignore the retail stores that ignore online!

  3. Nice combo and I always shop online. Try in store and buy online!

  4. Great picks and yes, I hate that too! These kids might be long and lean of leg, but they're also lean of pocket: serve me first! :)


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