We're not even mid-way through June and the longest day is coming up in less than 2 weeks time. Which means days will get shorter ...can someone tell me did I fall asleep and miss the summer in London? I know there was a brief weekend of glorious sunshine but I was in hospital with Thing 1. And ARE the summer sales starting earlier and earlier every year? Didn't they used to happen in August? Not that I am complaining - glorious bargains to be had and I am having fun browsing on the net (in avoidance of the World Cup/Big Brother/CSI etc.). Looky here on Stylebop one of my favorite sites - I totally love this wonderful dress by Juicy Couture and will probably get the yellow mac too (rain first thing in the mornings, what a great start to the day). I will always love Net-a-porter but it does seem a tab unfair the US site has already started their summer sale but the UK site hasn't!


  1. Great dress, I love it! yes it is unfair NAP already on sale in the states. I was only talking about the sales getting earlier to one of my daughters the other day but I think they should be in June as it is halfway through the year, we don't want to buy summer clothes in August and then have another sale a couple of months later, straight after Xmas. Its also great to get stuff before your holiday!

  2. The sales are getting earlier but pre's have changed it all so much bargains to be had methinks.
    Yes can you believe the Gok on crisps thing! Oh my I'm suffering today from too much white wine. I was best hostess to Mr MDS's gathered football throng and drank to much wine whilst washing dishes and dispensing Peroni

  3. Hi there-the yellow mac is really lovely my dear!!Thanks for your lovely comment too, have a nice week ahead xx

  4. Sales have fixed start & end dates here in Spain (though, having said that, they're pretty useless!)

    Have a good week ahead,



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