How much?

After chomping at the bit waiting for the Net-a-Porter sale to start, I have to say the pieces I had my eye on are either not available in my size or not discounted enough to warrant the purchase. I feel a little under-whelmed by the selection and dare I say it a little tight about making a new purchase in these austere times. Maybe I can't be happy shopping after last week's funeral when my dear friend has lost her husband (separated/soon to be divorced/the Children no longer have a no-good father).

This Sonia Rykiel dress cost the same as my first car I bought in 2001, a green metallic Nissan Micra.

It was not the prettiest of cars, had a beige fabric interior and was 3/4th hand. But I loved it and drove around loads. One tank of petrol used to last me a week and it never cost me more than a tenner to fill her up. Ah those were the day's before the 119p per liter charges. It didn't like hills and I used to have my foot to the floor on the gas pedal trying to climb up the hills near Crystal Palace. It was also pretty reliable until I lent it to my brother and he managed to have an accident parking it and ripped the front bumper off. It was never the same after that - RIP.


  1. I have to confess i wasn't overly impressed either, the sandals I wanted weren't reduced and I did a panic buy and got something I don't really want. I think their sales will be crap now that we have theoutnet as most of it will be saved for that site and to be honest the January sale wasn't on for long, again I think for the same reason. Still I love the outnet, got current elliot jeans and a chloe top for £85 including p&p last week.

  2. I'm back to counting the pennies after a flurry which was silly but essential, underwear and bathers.

    I think sales aren't that great as stock was much better managed this year in anticipation by retailers high and low.

  3. OMG!! Deja vu on the trusty little car broken by the brother. Mine crashed my car and parked it up without telling me :-/
    I remember petrol being 71p a litre (those were the days)


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