Last nights telly

There must be a lot of sore head today in the burbs, judging by the massive amount of cans being sold in Tescos yesterday afternoon. I popped in yesterday after the funeral to get a few healthy snacks and came away with several bags of Kettle chips on special offer for £1. Some people actually took a day off work to get prepared for the 'Big Match'. I think you had to be paralytic to have watched the game, all I can say is dull, dull, dull - I kept flicking between Glee , Gardeners World and the result stayed the same for the whole 90 mins ( +3 mins extra time).  I have a feeling all the St George's flags will be coming down soon - they have been a big blight round here (on cars, windows, shop fronts). Roll on proper armchair sports, bring on Wimbledon


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