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Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday today, the most miserable day of the year according to newspapers, the idea created by holiday companies to get you booking your next summer holiday! TV ads seem to be wall to wall holiday escapes featuring palatial villas, sunny beaches and exotic climates. One way to stave off the blues is to recall happier times, look at your camera roll and reminisce. For the last few years we have rented a former   Fishermans Hutin Whistable. It’s a great base to explore the local area and a proper sea view out of the windows. The beach is shingle but the kids don’t seem to mind and the fresh oysters are terrific. This is where I get my sea food fix. 
When the weather is good nothing beats a good bucket and spade British seaside holiday. My childhood summers were spent in Folkestone and I wanted my kids to have a similar experience. Who needs to go to Spain! Although the children’s peers now seem to holiday in Bali and Dubai (how the other half lives eh?) Not jealous of having to …

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