Friday, 29 November 2013

Blow Ltd , my new hangout

Whats not to love about this joint? Blow Ltd only opened a few weeks ago in Covent Garden but seems to be doing a roaring trade already. Quick hair blow dry's in 30 mins (includes hair wash), Manicures in 15 mins and professional face Make up in 15 mins. You choose from a range of set styles from the look book (in this case a mini ipad) I've tried out all 3 services and can testify its that quick and really good. Its the perfect solution for us time pressed ladies and I will certainly budget to have a service once a week. I mean £15 for having your nails done!! That's what some people would spend on lattes for the week ....*justified expense*

I chose the Day make up and the skill in covering up my hormonal break out using my fave Laura Mercier products was genius. Everyone should have their own make up artist :-) I looked just like 'Me' but a more glossy pulled together version.

Nail colours are by Essie and there is a huge colour range to choose from. I had wanted to go for a Party look (hot metallic colour with pretty glitter edge) but realised I had to make it last to next week. So opted for Natural instead - maybe next time eh?

My hair I had done yesterday and the soft curls put in have lasted through to today. So overall a happy looking bunny.

Nice touches: magazines are digital and read from mini ipads.

My feedback: could do with a bag hook at the tables or add a shelf under tables so us ladies can store our handbags rather than leave on the floor.

twosp xxx

Saturday, 23 November 2013

H&M Isabel Marant - belated post shopping frenzy

My order from Hennes arrived yesterday evening, the Isabel Marant Designer collaboration which caused the usual shopping frenzy last week. I tried to queue outside the Regent Store but the ridiculous bracelet distribution for timed entry was off-putting so I high tailed it back to the office and was on-line refreshing the website until I struck lucky!

What I chose were the following item that I needed to plug a few gaps in my wardrobe. The slouchy Tux style mannish jacket, the black & white printed silk blouse, a red version for Curly Haired Beauty, silk fringed scarf and the gold silk trousers for fellow Blogger Kate (who was also trying to shop on-line but had no luck). It's was quite funny following the Twitter feeds of everyones website woes, store queue frustrations and ubiquitous haul photos.... Yes I did have to wait a while for the home delivery, so not the instant gratification hit but I am very pleased with my items. I did say last time when Marni collaborated with Hennes I wouldn't go to all the trouble but hey I couldn't resist !!!!

I can't believe the re-sell value of the clothes doing the rounds on eBay. I know that if you keep checking the website returned items will be back on sale and in-store, as going on past experience nothing is ever sold out.

The beauty of this collection was how inter-changeable the collection was between women's, menswear and children wear (a first for the Designer). I had wanted to get some boy tops for the twins so we could all be matchy matchy for out cheesy Christmas card photo, but the kids sizing didn't go down small enough.

Excuse the terrible photos had to take shots in a hurry :-)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

If you had £619 spare and need a Working wardrobe

You can't go far wrong with anything purchased from Banana Republic - their past designer collaborations with Milly and Issa; injected much needed splashy prints into my wardrobe.

Currently they are having a Mid-season sale so you can still pick these up which will be perfect for anyone with exotic holidays planned (please bring back the sunshine).

For those of you staying put and need a helping hand to put together a capsule wardrobe for work, their current Edit is a great starting point. 8 pieces to mix and match.

The leather skirt wouldn't have been the first thing I would have chosen but it does make a refreshing change from a pencil skirt. Cheaper faux leather alternatives can be found in ASOS.

Friday, 1 November 2013

From the inside out

For a youthful 42 year old who has kept her figure trim after having 3 kids, can still wear size 8 UK clothes (I still feel 32); I eat a healthy balanced diet but I feel I can do more to help support my immune system, joints, bones, improve my skin, delay ageing (hahahahahaha) etc. I've noticed the cold air seems to make my body creak and ache a little in the mornings - we still haven't turned on our central heating - the last gas bill was shocking. 

So from today until Christmas I am taking the following to see if they really do help. 

Holland and Barrett  did really well from me today but taking advantage of their Penny sale I bought the following items.  

Hyaluronic Acid - click HERE to find out why (fountain of youth apparently)

Vegan Multivitamins - I'm not a veggie but the other multi vits were horse pill size and they make me gag. I normally buy Boots own brand which are smaller and coated so makes it easier to swallow. 

Cold Flax seed oil - More info HERE

Royal Jelly - back in the 80's when Barbara Cartland  was still step-granny to Princes Diana, she used to pop up on the TV extolling the virtues of Royal Jelly (how I sniggered at her make-up/dress sense) and now I can't believe I am taking these supplements. Oh well if it's good enough for the Queen Bee it's going to be good enough for me....

NB: Supplements should be taken with a meal and plenty of fluids...does having a Hazelnut Latte count as a meal? 

twosp xxx 

 Image from The Guardian