Monday, 31 May 2010

Dear John

Because I heart him and its Bank Holiday Monday and there is nothing on the telly so I am surfing the net and thought the other JT fans might like these :-) Was it the moody, broody pout we loved in the 80's? The square jaw, the hair?

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shoe issues

The other day as I was taking Curly Haired Beauty to pre-school she had a major strop and wanted to go home to change her shoes into red welly boots. We were halfway there and it was about to start raining. After much forceful wrestling and a call to D we had to head back and he met us at the top of the road with her welly boots. Really so much fuss just because she saw a puddle and wanted to jump in it a la Peppa Pig. Of course that meant I had to endure the walk back to school with her splashing in every puddle she saw, desperately tying to avoid the water on MY lovely shoes. They were two tone Ferragamo pumps with patent  toes and heels. Mmmm sometimes she is her mother's child even though she doesn't look much like me. She sure has a thing about wanting to wear the right shoes for the right occasions. What have I created? Maybe having boys will be easier as I'm told by my SiL they don't fuss as much about what they wear.....

Friday, 28 May 2010

Doo doo doo doo doo doo

Watching TOTP2 its Duran Duran night. Reliving my younger years singing along (yep still know all the words to Hungry like the Wolf) and thinking jesus I'm getting on a bit. Duran Duran are like 50 and I'm 40 next year - OK still got to get to 39 later this year but the BIG 4-0 is looming.....I used to have such a massive crush on John Taylor even though his real name is Nigel, I loved him soooooo much. I thought our children would be beautiful and tall with square chins. But I have have ended up with the Curly Haired Beauty, Thing 1 is a mini-me with a big fat moon face and Thing 2 who looks just like his sister and is going curly haired too! 

Simon Le Bon could never dance but bless made it up with his enthusiasm, Nick Rhodes always had great eye make-up, Roger and Andy were not on my lust radar. Ah they don't make tunes like they used to (or mime so badly on tv). 

"You've gone too far this time"
But I'm dancing on the valentine
I tell you somebody's fooling around
With my chances on the dangerline
I'll cross that bridge when I find it
Another day to make my stand
High time is no time for deciding
If I should find a helping hand
So why don't you use it?
Try not to bruise it
Buy time don't lose it
The reflex is an only child he's waiting in the park
The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre
Every little thing the reflex does
Leaves you answered with a question mark

I'm on a ride and I want to get off
But they won't slow down the roundabout
I sold the Renoir and the TV set
Don't want to be around when this gets out

Oh the reflex what a game he's hiding all the cards
The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre
Evey little thing the reflex does
Leaves you answered with a question mark 

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Twin Tuesday

Actually only writing about one twin, Thing 1, who got sick on Friday and we spent the majority of the lovely sunny hot weekend in hospital. So that's why its all been quiet from me. He is on the mend but it gave us all a fright how quickly his cold/teething turned and had trouble breathing. A trip to the GP and then a swift dash to A&E. We got seen pretty quick and as soon as he was monitored up two doctors dashed in as they didn't like the look of the 255 heartbeat rate. Thing 1 was at this point really laboring  for his breath and sounded like he had smoked 100 cigarettes creaking and wheezing. So a trip next door to Resus to get some oxygen into him and a nebulizer to open up the lungs. After two shots of that and no real improvement we got wheeled to X-ray where they detected an infection in the lower right lung. This is when I knew we would be spending the night there :-( the little thing managed to stay calm and didn't cry with all the fuss around him.

Ironically we were only in the same hospital the day before, for a routine check-up with their pediatrician who had examined him and Thing 1 was full of beans trying to eat the pens in the docs top pocket.  We got sent up to the Children's Ward at 7pm and was given a spacious room with en-suite. Thing 1 hated the bed which is metal and looked like a cage. He kept pulling himself up and getting his foot stuck in the gap between the mattress and the railings. I had a fold out bed so we settled in for the night ahead. What a night - efficient, dedicated nurses kept coming in every hour to give him his nebulizer. We were both worn out with the interruptions but needs must - Thing 1 chest was still tight. After midnight it was reduced to every 2 hours but still I was shattered and pretended to be asleep when the nurse came by at 4am and she gave out the meds without my help. I know terrible mummy but really I was knackered and just wanted a bit more sleep.

So now its Saturday the day is gloriously sunny, blue skies and HOT. I am still inside and get given the news the improvement is slow and we will have to spend another night in hospital until they can reduce the medication to 4 hourly intervals. That meant more baby food was needed and nappies - you have to provide your own. I wanted to nip out to the shops with Thing 1 but was told the pollen count is too high and would not help the breathing situation. So I wait until he has a nap and head out for a shop, leaving the nurses to watch over him. Now I was seriously stressed I am wandering around Sainsburys on the mobile to my sister giving her a running commentary on what I am doing (the kind of inane conversation you can only have with a sister). I am picking up clothing from the Tu range and shoving them into my basket. My sister is sensing my anxiety but kindly telling me not to buy that linen dress, shirt, sandals and t-shirt . These were stress purchases that I would live to regret and even though they were cheap, really I did not need a supermarket outfit in faux linen. She was right, as the next day I returned the items for a refund!! I shop when stressed, I shop when happy, I shop because I like it....

We spend the day in-between the medication walking up and down the corridor - I didn't want Thing 1 crawling on the floor (superbugs) so he got a lot of walking practice holding onto my fingers. He even learnt to wait in front of the door so I could open it for him and then carry on walking. Apart from one 8 year old with a broken arm - all the other kids and babies were too sick to leave their beds. We had the play room to ourselves and I must have passed out for 10 mins on the armchair whilst the baby amused himself with the toys.

Anyway by late Sunday morning and after a bit more sleep (yay 3 hours) we get told we could leave after the last nebulizer at 12pm and collect a prescription for an inhaler and spacer. We couldn't have been more happier and I packed everything up ready for the departure. We were home in time for lunch and Thing 1 was reunited with Thing 2 and showed his affection by pulling his hair - Thing 2 didn't miss his big bro much and had a lovely time bonding with daddy. Curly Haired Beauty spent the weekend at Hotel Grandma. So thats what's been happening in my life. No doubt Thing 2 will catch the same virus and I will be winging my way back to hospital. He has the signs of a cold so wait and see....  

Sunday, 23 May 2010

One for your diaries don't miss it

FRI 10-8PMSAT 10-6PMSUN 11-5PM
information  tel: 020 7697 9888 Email: info@designerwarehousesales.com

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Blue thoughts

After my post on Sunday about wearing blue, D reading over my shoulder declared it was Kingfisher blue not Cobalt! How wrong he was and I stand corrected.

I'm going to call this one Halston Blue :-) 

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Twin Tuesday

Technically Winnie the Pooh and Tigger should really be cheeky monkeys. At home with the boys - as you can see they don't like to sit still for one minute and will not be joining the books of their sister's modeling agency. In case any of you have the SS10 Mothercare catalogue she is on page 330.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Hello Lover - 7 favorites

I've been tagged by Make Do Style and Looking Fab in your Forties to reveal seven pairs of my favorite shoes. How do I choose? it would be like asking a mother which child you loved the most!

So I agonised over it for a few days and have picked the following to share with you. 6 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of flats

Jimmy Choo's, burgundy leather heels with pom pom details. Purchased in Venice in the depths of winter, I can't resist anything with pom poms. I couldn't work out the Euro exchange rate at the time but I just had to have them and knew it was a sign to snap up the last pair (OK slightly teeny weeny bit smaller than my normal size) and was really chuffed when I got my credit card statement they were a bargaintastic 99 quid.

Georgina Goodman - red leather sandals with wooden bead details. A lovely Christmas present from D. Yep I pointed to them on the web and said that would be nice to have and a few months later I got them - Great result! I adore the fact her shoes have Made with Love inside them. It helps to drill into your man your vital statistics so whenever the opportunity presents itself he can go buy you something wonderful to wear without the fear of getting it horribly wrong.

Marc Jacob - flat patterned leather mouse shoes bought from Net-a-Porter when I was pregnant with the Curly Haired Beauty. If I was going to be fat and not be able to see my feet. Then I wanted to know they were wearing pretty shoes that everyone else can admire. Go figure the pregnant ladies hormonal reasoning.

Lulu Guinness - Suede peep toe heels with rosette and pearl detail. I accidently bought these from Viva la Diva when they first launched their on-line site. I hit the buy button instead of the save button. Its a very elegant shoe and have been worn to many grand occasions. The details bring it up a notch on the style front and although its not very clear the little pearl adds a subtle bit of specialness.

Chloe - navy leather ballet pumps, I got these in Liberty's - they are so comfy and for a simple design (D look away now) even in the sale they cost me (shhhhhhhh D really do look away now!) 179 quid......but I wear them all the time so cost per wear justifies the initial outlay.

I do wear high street shoes too!

LK Bennett - gold leather sling back kitten heels. Great for dancing in,  what's not to love about these beauties?

I love a freebie and these were gifted to me by A when she used to handle the PR for Clarks. Very comfy patent leather peep toe heels. I keep them in the office drawer to slip into after I have trudged into the office from the suburbs.

Hee hee I have added an eight pair! See I told you I couldn't decide on which shoes to pick!
Gamba - red satin tango shoes. They were originally white, purchased to wear for my wedding but two days before I set about dyeing them red. Ladies take a tip from me - don't ever try and do this two days before your wedding. It won't dry in time.....enough said.

I'm going to tag the following people and I hope they will share what shoes they love the most. Purple Ramblings , Tor at Fabfrocksgetsmarried who may find my last tip amusing, Budget Mummy who is a dear mate of mine and is new to blogging so go check out her blog please, and Beverly Hills Branche as I am a nosy so and so and would love to see inside her wardrobe :-)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Blue is the colour

Matisse Jazz Print 1947

Blue Monochrome

Yves Klein (French, 1928-1962)

1961. Dry pigment in synthetic polymer medium on cotton over plywood, 6' 4 7/8" x 55 1/8" (195.1 x 140 cm). The Sidney and Harriet Janis Collection. © 2010 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Marks and Spencers cotton beach cover up as seen in the Special K advert (but in red!) 

Matthew Williamson embellished dress 

We're two weeks into May and that means two more weeks to June. That's right the start of Summer is a fortnight away! Yikes, the Winter went on for so long and Spring has been pretty erratic - to the point on some morning I longed for my gloves....that's so not right! 

Something to get me in the mood is the intense blue summer sky, its inspired many artist; Matisse, Klein and designers. I love this colour it suits all skin tones and really make you glow when worn simply with no fuss. My oldie but fab favorite outfit is a jersey Wallis dress bought  over three years ago. First worn to celebrate our first meal out after having a baby without the baby attached! It's versatile enough to wear to the office or meet for drinks with the girls. So don't shy away from this colour, it really cheers the heart and brings you a step closer to the sunshine. 

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dégradé silk-crepe dress

What's not to love about this beautiful silk crepe dress by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. The swishiness of the skirt, the ruching and twisted bodice details? The degrade from stone, lilac to damson. Love it, perfect for engagement parties, weddings, christening etc.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Super Duper Reiss Sale

Another super duper sale to mark in your diaries
Reiss has up to 70% off including Menswear and Accesories
May 26-29 9am to 7pm
The Music Rooms
26 South Molton Street

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Twin Tuesday

I got an email the other day congratulating me on my baby reaching 10 months old. It was from Boots mother club. I must have signed up for it ages ago when I fell pregnant, entered my due date and every now and then it sends me messages on what I should be buying for the next baby milestone. I should unsubscribe as every time I read one I have a deep pang of sadness and regret I wasn't able to stop the the labour and prevent the twins from arriving early. Their first birthday celebration last month was a truly joyous occasion and set me on the road to recovery, to enjoy them for what they are and what they are able to do for their corrected age. I am not wishing the baby times away like I did with the Curly Haired Beauty. She was really slow at walking (17 months) but scooted around on her knees?? had amazing language skills (bi-lingual), great hand eye coordination and did two big advertising campaigns for Marks and Spencer and New Look before she turned one. Its always unfair to compare your children but she was my first born and set a high benchmark.

Thing 1 now has 6 teeth, Thing 2 finally has 2 teeth that emerged last week. Both like singing along to Twinkle, twinkle little star. Still fight a lot wanting the same thing - who knew a plastic toy burger was so much fun! Both crawling and moving around quickly. Thing 1 is cruising and loves holding onto your fingers and walk up an down to the front door (think he wants to escape) Thing 2 wants to stand up all the time but  the physio has recommend he is encouraged to sit down more to aid his physical development. So we still get the occasional thump where he has toppled over after reaching too far for toys. You know I think I am still in shock that I am a mother to two boys. There are real differences to girl babies. The racket they make; they just love clashing and banging objects together. Curly haired Beauty was into putting on shoes and draping clothes across her shoulders ...OK maybe she just takes after her mummy??

Monday, 10 May 2010

Where am I?

I had to make a quick dash to John Lewis to get a wedding present so I took a short cut to avoid the masses in Oxford Street in my lunch break.....that took me via BHS -  the side entrance next door to the London College of Fashion . Where I was hit in the face by the shoe display. I nearly did a double take 'where am I' is this not British Home Stores??? If the security guard hadn't been so threatening I would have whipped out my phone to take a photo. The shoes wouldn't have looked out of place in Office or soon to be departed Faith. And at those prices I could see how competitively priced (read cheap) and fashion forward these were. OK there were the naff comfortable slippers and some seriously orthopedic footwear for the more mature ladies. As I cruised through I spotted brightly coloured tights by Jonathan Aston perfect for this changeable weather where I seem to alternate between thick opaque tights and bare legs - a great alternative place to get hosiery (as sometimes the teens in Topshop just depress me). There were some 'from distance, squint your eyes and pretend they almost look like Stella McCartney for Addidas' sporty blouson style jackets in pastel hues. OK, OK I have really bad eyes so work with me here. BHS is not a high street store that's usually on my radar. Although they have a great homeware section (collaborations with Kelly Hoppen comes to mind) I should drop by more often and give it a bit more time to check out.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'm loving Roksander for Whistles collection, its SS10 Nudes, channeling Pierre Cardin. 

Here's a little bit about the designer (courtesy of Net-a-porter )

Serbian-born and London-based designer Roksanda Ilincic takes a romantic approach to fashion. The one-time model graduated from Central St Martins in 2000, launched her namesake line in 2002 and hit the runways three years later via London Fashion Week's New Generation Scheme. Her ravishing dresses quickly drew admirers in the fashion press and celebrity set alike, including style mavens Thandie Newton, Cate Blanchett and Milla Jovovich and are guaranteed to be the star event of all the best parties. 

I think I would probably draw too much attention if I wore this to the wedding. The Bride will never forgive me....best save it for the red carpet, Robin Hood is premiering soon. Yep they re-made it with the two lead roles gone to Australia's finest actors (with Irish accents!?!?!?). Hiya Cate look at what I'm wearing...

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Sun has got his Hat on

OK it hasn't, its a Bank Holiday and its been tipping down with rain since Saturday. Oh well nothing we can do about that. We had some lovely weather towards the end of April it would have been too much to expect to have the sunshine to last for the long weekend. Now we are in May and impending wedding season will be upon us, it has got me thinking about Hats. I love them - I have a face that suits hats and with a lot of dark hair wearing one really sets it off. But with winter finally over I've had to put away my beloved vintage sheepskin hat, and other headgear that has been my staples. I need to get a spring/summer version to lift my wardrobe and finish 'the look'. Something like this by Chapeau Claudette  would be perfect.
  I already have the strap cap, my version is pink with burgundy red strap detail. It moulds itself to your head and is very flattering. The only downside is, it gives you really bad 'hat hair' so you end up wearing it all day and get a little bit hot in the head.