Shoe issues

The other day as I was taking Curly Haired Beauty to pre-school she had a major strop and wanted to go home to change her shoes into red welly boots. We were halfway there and it was about to start raining. After much forceful wrestling and a call to D we had to head back and he met us at the top of the road with her welly boots. Really so much fuss just because she saw a puddle and wanted to jump in it a la Peppa Pig. Of course that meant I had to endure the walk back to school with her splashing in every puddle she saw, desperately tying to avoid the water on MY lovely shoes. They were two tone Ferragamo pumps with patent  toes and heels. Mmmm sometimes she is her mother's child even though she doesn't look much like me. She sure has a thing about wanting to wear the right shoes for the right occasions. What have I created? Maybe having boys will be easier as I'm told by my SiL they don't fuss as much about what they wear.....


  1. I guess they don't make as much fuss but my little man gets up in the morning on days off of school and says things like "I think I will wear my Armani today" - they are what you make them whatever sex they are!

  2. Bless! Your children are lovely, as are you! Just wait until she's old enough to start borrowing your shoes.....

  3. Mini-me has finally got the much coveted Lelli-Kelly's, and although she wants to show them to her friends and anyone else that will look, the other day she insisted on bringing trainers to nursery as she didn't want to ruin them while playing in the garden. A lady after my own heart :-)


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