Twin Tuesday

Actually only writing about one twin, Thing 1, who got sick on Friday and we spent the majority of the lovely sunny hot weekend in hospital. So that's why its all been quiet from me. He is on the mend but it gave us all a fright how quickly his cold/teething turned and had trouble breathing. A trip to the GP and then a swift dash to A&E. We got seen pretty quick and as soon as he was monitored up two doctors dashed in as they didn't like the look of the 255 heartbeat rate. Thing 1 was at this point really laboring  for his breath and sounded like he had smoked 100 cigarettes creaking and wheezing. So a trip next door to Resus to get some oxygen into him and a nebulizer to open up the lungs. After two shots of that and no real improvement we got wheeled to X-ray where they detected an infection in the lower right lung. This is when I knew we would be spending the night there :-( the little thing managed to stay calm and didn't cry with all the fuss around him.

Ironically we were only in the same hospital the day before, for a routine check-up with their pediatrician who had examined him and Thing 1 was full of beans trying to eat the pens in the docs top pocket.  We got sent up to the Children's Ward at 7pm and was given a spacious room with en-suite. Thing 1 hated the bed which is metal and looked like a cage. He kept pulling himself up and getting his foot stuck in the gap between the mattress and the railings. I had a fold out bed so we settled in for the night ahead. What a night - efficient, dedicated nurses kept coming in every hour to give him his nebulizer. We were both worn out with the interruptions but needs must - Thing 1 chest was still tight. After midnight it was reduced to every 2 hours but still I was shattered and pretended to be asleep when the nurse came by at 4am and she gave out the meds without my help. I know terrible mummy but really I was knackered and just wanted a bit more sleep.

So now its Saturday the day is gloriously sunny, blue skies and HOT. I am still inside and get given the news the improvement is slow and we will have to spend another night in hospital until they can reduce the medication to 4 hourly intervals. That meant more baby food was needed and nappies - you have to provide your own. I wanted to nip out to the shops with Thing 1 but was told the pollen count is too high and would not help the breathing situation. So I wait until he has a nap and head out for a shop, leaving the nurses to watch over him. Now I was seriously stressed I am wandering around Sainsburys on the mobile to my sister giving her a running commentary on what I am doing (the kind of inane conversation you can only have with a sister). I am picking up clothing from the Tu range and shoving them into my basket. My sister is sensing my anxiety but kindly telling me not to buy that linen dress, shirt, sandals and t-shirt . These were stress purchases that I would live to regret and even though they were cheap, really I did not need a supermarket outfit in faux linen. She was right, as the next day I returned the items for a refund!! I shop when stressed, I shop when happy, I shop because I like it....

We spend the day in-between the medication walking up and down the corridor - I didn't want Thing 1 crawling on the floor (superbugs) so he got a lot of walking practice holding onto my fingers. He even learnt to wait in front of the door so I could open it for him and then carry on walking. Apart from one 8 year old with a broken arm - all the other kids and babies were too sick to leave their beds. We had the play room to ourselves and I must have passed out for 10 mins on the armchair whilst the baby amused himself with the toys.

Anyway by late Sunday morning and after a bit more sleep (yay 3 hours) we get told we could leave after the last nebulizer at 12pm and collect a prescription for an inhaler and spacer. We couldn't have been more happier and I packed everything up ready for the departure. We were home in time for lunch and Thing 1 was reunited with Thing 2 and showed his affection by pulling his hair - Thing 2 didn't miss his big bro much and had a lovely time bonding with daddy. Curly Haired Beauty spent the weekend at Hotel Grandma. So thats what's been happening in my life. No doubt Thing 2 will catch the same virus and I will be winging my way back to hospital. He has the signs of a cold so wait and see....  


  1. So sorry to read about all the worry over the weekend - hope things are a bit easier for you now.


  2. Hi there, I'm old enough to be your gran!! Do hope everything is fine with the twins.

  3. Poor little gorgeous thing 1. (And you of course) but the good little might and so glad he's on the mend. Actually to give you some comfort this cold going around is the nastiest one in a v long time. Petit Garcon at 4 was so clingy and crying and knocked out by it over w/end and Mr MDS is of hay fever/asthma disposition and is suffering dreadfully.

    I'm sure Thing 2 will be fine and I know you must worry with having prem twins but thank goodness it is the summer even with the horrid pollen count to aid recovery. Bad luck on the Sainsbury shop. That magpie instinct is ever prevalent. I too can see goodness in these clothes date I've never succumbed but it is a worry that I will.

  4. So sorry to read this, its weird them saying about the pollen count, 3 years ago little man got hayfever so badly for the first time and couldn't breathe and his heart was going ten to the dozen, I could see it so quickly in his chest, he now has an asthma pump every summer, but at no other time, so keep an eye out as I was told all his breathing tubes were getting inflammed due to the Pollen. x

  5. Poor thing 1, so glad he's on the mend, fingers crossed that thing 2 stays well. xx


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