Twin Tuesday

I got an email the other day congratulating me on my baby reaching 10 months old. It was from Boots mother club. I must have signed up for it ages ago when I fell pregnant, entered my due date and every now and then it sends me messages on what I should be buying for the next baby milestone. I should unsubscribe as every time I read one I have a deep pang of sadness and regret I wasn't able to stop the the labour and prevent the twins from arriving early. Their first birthday celebration last month was a truly joyous occasion and set me on the road to recovery, to enjoy them for what they are and what they are able to do for their corrected age. I am not wishing the baby times away like I did with the Curly Haired Beauty. She was really slow at walking (17 months) but scooted around on her knees?? had amazing language skills (bi-lingual), great hand eye coordination and did two big advertising campaigns for Marks and Spencer and New Look before she turned one. Its always unfair to compare your children but she was my first born and set a high benchmark.

Thing 1 now has 6 teeth, Thing 2 finally has 2 teeth that emerged last week. Both like singing along to Twinkle, twinkle little star. Still fight a lot wanting the same thing - who knew a plastic toy burger was so much fun! Both crawling and moving around quickly. Thing 1 is cruising and loves holding onto your fingers and walk up an down to the front door (think he wants to escape) Thing 2 wants to stand up all the time but  the physio has recommend he is encouraged to sit down more to aid his physical development. So we still get the occasional thump where he has toppled over after reaching too far for toys. You know I think I am still in shock that I am a mother to two boys. There are real differences to girl babies. The racket they make; they just love clashing and banging objects together. Curly haired Beauty was into putting on shoes and draping clothes across her shoulders ...OK maybe she just takes after her mummy??


  1. Congratulations os all three - a lovely account of all of them. I haven't had twins but have been astounded by the fact that all three of mine have done things completely differently, physically anyway - the speech acquisition thing was pretty similar.

    I guess I have the other way around - after two easy, loving chilled out little boys I have a tornado daughter - we just had a ten minute conversation about which cup she would like to drink her milk - she is great fun and yes it is very different !

  2. Awh three bundles of fun. Yes sign off from that Boots club now, poor you things like that always take on by surprise. They are fine and fab xx

  3. Hi there! They do all progress at different times....Little Miss P is only a day older than her cousin yet they are miles apart in terms of stages...Miss P has grown up so quickly - she is a little girl...and yes she too likes draping clothes around her....I am expecting a boy and am anticipating a cyclone hitting the house!!!!
    Thank you so much for your incredibly kind offer for a dream genie pillow. Yet another sleepless night last night! I would love to send you some beauty products as a thank you! I can send a cheque for postage or wire it into your account or indeed, if you live/ work in London I can meet somewhere convenient to can direct mail me on xxxx BEAMS

  4. After 3 girls, I couldn't imagine having a boy but he is my life, there is something about a mum and her son(s) never understood it until I had one. Lets be grateful we are blessed with children, I had a client the other day showing me her bruised tummy from IVF.

  5. I had often heard people speak of developmental differences between boys and girls, but never paid too much attention until having mini-me. What I have noticed after having a godson and a nephew is that girls tend to speak sooner and never seem to stop -lol

  6. Yep, all three of mine are very different too. My twins are chalk and cheese and that makes them all the more special to me. Enjoy your babes. Mich x


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