Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back in W1

Today I went to a screening at the Charlotte Street Hotel, it was a work function to see their latest title with drinks afterwards and I was at a loss of what to wear. I am currently on maternity leave and have lost a bit of my fashion mojo. My current wardrobe are lots of stripy t-shirts and jeans/leggins as I am constantly being puked on or covered in paint from the curly haired beauties artistic attempt. To get out of the style rut I opted for this Top Shop combo I picked up last week. Wet look leggins and a nude over sized T-Shirt. To make it less fetish/casual I wore over it a  navy long line skinny knit cardi, black ankle boots and my black Margaret Howell trench coat. This coat is easily the best investment piece I have ever bought. It was a bargain (was 700 down to 330) in the Selfridges sale 3 years ago and have worn it ever since. Cost per wear it has redeemed itself very well and its perfect to wear when the weather is changeable like it has been recently. It was great to be back in my old W1 stomping and I cannot wait to go back, just to be in the thick of things again.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Colour me happy

Ages ago when I used to work in the fashion industry (the editorial shall remain nameless) I got my 'colour dones' - yes it was that long ago when it was popular to go out with fabric swatches when shopping. The colours I was told that suited me were Black, White, Navy, Cream, Red and Shocking pink. Needless to say I never did stick to them as I found the whole idea as a 20-something, straight out of Art School, very housewifey. Now I am a (temp) housewife I have been thinking about getting a capsule wardrobe for my return to work.  I blame watching re-runs of Gok Fashion Fix on Channel 4, More 4, E4+1 etc. So far I have been un-inspired until I chanced upon this by Arrogant Cat, its an amazing coat and if you enter the following code MEOW09 there is an additional 20% off at check-out. Offer ends 9th October and you can pre-order next seasons offering too.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wish List

Today has been such a lovely warm sunny day its been really hard to get my head around planning on what to get in for Winter to keep nice and toasty. I thought it would help to start with Thing 1 and Thing 2 wardrobe, so I took a peek at the Boden website. I can't believe some of the items have already sold out or on back order for 10 weeks. I quickly ordered the star fleece snowsuit as although it never really gets that cold around Xmas, its more Jan/Feb 2010 when we may get a huge dump of snow (like we did in Feb this year). The curly haired beauty still talks about the snowman we built in the garden and how she fell over in the snow and lost a wellie, like it just happened yesterday! Then I checked out net-a-porter, I have a few things in my Wish List and recently entered the competition to win all the items on the wish list (closing date 4th October) The Paul and Joe Sister double breasted wool blend peacoat is what I really want, along with a Mulberry bag (like the 3 I already own isn't enough!)....Let's hope I win the comp, then I will be a very happy woman.

Friday, 25 September 2009


A few weeks ago I desperately needed an accessory to go with my Twenty8twelve dress for the babies christening. I wanted something regal but fun to dress up my little black dress as the church we were going to be in, is a great big wedding cake of a place but the actually ceremony itself was going to be quite casual and family orientated. Browsing on Etsy I came across this by Calexandra - if I had given myself enough time I would have ordered it; but it would have been unreasonable of me to expect delivery in less than 48 hours as she hand makes everything in her spare time.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes


Ruby Grey Platino



Monday September 28th till Saturday 3rd October
Tuesday thru till Saturday 10am till 6pm
Monday till 7pm
Closed Sunday

At the
HQ/Outlet store
14 Shepherd Street · Mayfair · W1J 7JFB
t: 0207 499 8599

Mini-culture jaunt

I had a 3/4 hour window yesterday (babies fed, asleep, D watching them, curly haired beauty with childminder, all bottles washed and in steriliser) so off I hopped onto the 12.06 train from deepest suburbia and exited into the centre of London and bombed straight to Trafalgar Square,  to catch the last day of The Tournament , centre piece of this year's London Design Festival. Spanish designer, Jaime Hayón had created a giant interactive chess set inspired by iconic London buildings. I had to say the setting was amazing and the giant chess board looked very impressive set against the back drop of Nelsons column. No one was given much attention to the lady standing on the fourth plinth.  There were representatives from the Chess Federation running commentary on the players moves and I thought it was great the public could participate. The match I saw was England Vs Spain (although the Spaniard had lived in Wood Green for ages and was part of the local chess club). It must have been a bit nerve racking with a big audience, the wind howling and directing the volunteers to move the pieces about. 

Afterwards I headed to the National Portrait Gallery to see a few iconic photos of Twiggy on the second landing. The accompanying book was more fascinating so I had a good browse in the book shop before heading over to the Future Gallery to see Lee Broom's Heritage Boy collection. His designs are really quirky and fun and very clever use of old meets new idea. I got talking to a student who had been helping him out during the summer break. She was about to go back to Falmouth to do her final year in Product Design. We kept being interrupted by people looking for the Photographers Gallery (which used to be at the same address)  and its really funny because inside it still resembles  the old gallery as they have kept the loos and old counter where the coffee was served.  I then did a quick pit-stop at Carluccios for lunch, Milanese di Pollo, before getting the 14.56 train back to the 'burbs'. OK I admit I managed to also squeeze in a bit of shopping at Top Shop - got to check up the  Christopher Kanescollection (OK if you like rivets) and bought 3 things that came to a total of 50 quid. Not sure if that was money well spent but hey I don't get out much these day. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dreaming of lunch

Mmmmmm I've only just had breakfast but I am dreaming of lunch already! Just had a call from Selfridges (boy do they start work early) to confirm a lunchtime reservations for the Pierre Koffmann's pop up restaurant on Selfridges rooftop . OK so its like over a month away but I never did get a chance to eat at La Tante Claire; so this is a way to find out what all the fuss was about. If its anything to go by from Giles Coren review I really can't wait! I am hoping for the legendary pistachio ice-cream sinking into a perfect souffle. I am one of those people who looks at the dessert part of the menu and work out what to order around it! D will take a punt on the Pigs trotters, that's a bit too squeamish for my liking, even though I have been known to snuffle my way through every crustacean in a pile of fruit de mer.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wardrobe envy

I'm on the hunt for something different for the twins room, they need more storage and although I have never been a fan of buying children's furniture (I normally buy antique or vintage and refurb myself); this wardrobe caught my eye from  Mothercare. It wouldn't look out of place in Habitat or Heals. but at 600 quid I may have to keep searching

Monday, 21 September 2009

Yippeee Sample Sale time

When D used to have retail premises in Westbourne Grove selling antiques, one of the lovely things I used to do was go meet him for brunch at the Tea Palace for the yummy pancakes with maple syrup and then go check out a sample sales held in 20th Century Theatre, I scored countless bargains from Matthew Williamson, Temperley to Ghost. Sadly he gave up the pitch prior to the recession hitting; as even back then he noticed the lack of American and Japanese buyers - as they were no longer travelling out to the UK. Although recently more Italians have been coming over due to the stronger Euro. it always make me smile when I see them haggle with the lady running the fur coat stall. If you are ever in Portobello Road on a Saturday I can recommend the lady who goes round the stallholders selling hot Arabic food from her shopping trolly. All homemade in her kitchen and perfect if you have had an early start in the day and in need of substanance.

Like buses none for ages then all 3 at once, so go dig out that wallet. Details courtesy of Fashion Confidential

Thursday 24 (8am to 7pm) and Friday 25 (10am to 6:30); Temperley, 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, London, W11.

Get up to 70% off fab tailoring and cool separates from Margaret Howell. Thursday 24 and Friday 25 (9am to 7pm); The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London, W1.

Fab jewellery designer Lara Bohinc is having a sample sale, hurrah! Shop jewellery, bags and small leather goods with discounts of up to 90% off. Thursday 24 (8am to 8pm) and Friday 25 (9am to 8pm); Lara Bohinc Sloane Street Showroom, Basement - 149F Sloane St, entrance Sloane Terrace, London SW1.

London Fashion Weekender Sample Sale
Make a date with one of the largest sample sales of the year. Shop ready-to-wear, accessories and jewellery pieces from over 130 designers including Luella, DKNY Jeans, Sass & Bide, Pauric Sweeney, Prada and Vivienne Westwood – all at a fraction of their retail prices. Thursday 24 - Sunday 27; Somerset House and 180 The Strand, London, WC2.

Later in October when Payday comes

Shop beautiful lingerie, swimwear and prêt-a-porter pieces from top Italian brand La Perla – with discounts of up to 70% off. Monday 05 October (10am to 6:30 pm) Tuesday 06 (10am to 6:30pm); Hornvale Ltd, 4th Floor, 22 Newman Street, London W1.

Wearing fur in Italy isn't such a big deal as it is in this country where the British are a nation of animal lovers. Although I don't support cruelty against animals - I think if you own a vintage fur coat (be it handed down or bought from a charity shop) you should be able to choose to wear it, without running into the wrath of an animal rights activist threatening to splash paint all over you (as seen in the SATC film). I remember being in Venice in the depth of a very cold snap in January, my puffa jacket just wasn't keeping me warm and I had wished I had bought my 1950's floor length fur coat - but Ryanairs limited baggage allowance didn't permit it. I had bought the coat from Oxfam many years ago when I was a poor fashion student on a limited budget so I felt like I was killing two birds with one stone, helping a charity and gaining something fabulous. It has the most beautiful lining inside, black silk with a hand embroidered monogramme inside. I used to have to pretend to my classmates it was fake fur!!! Later on it became harder to wear out and I used to agonise like Phoebe from Friends did when she inherited a fur coat that she hated and loved at the same time. I still have mine in storage and maybe one day will feel brave enough to put it on again or pass it onto the curly haired beauty when she is older. Failing that take a trip to Itay and do as the Italians do....on my last shopping trip there I scored a pair of Jimmy Choos for 99 quid, OK half a size smaller than what I would normally wear but hey I could never afford them full price in the UK!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

More SATC interiors

CharlotteAlso whilst we're on the subject of SATC, I so gotta get hold of these curtains that  Charlotte has in her apartment. They are Oyster sateen fabric with tiny mirrors sewn in to reflect the light. I wonder if they sell something similar in Shepherds Bush Market?

SATC Wardrobe

Carrie's closet
As much as I enjoyed the show and the subsequent film, it was never about Carrie's clothes but her actual wardrobe or closet as they say in the US of A. It was the sense of detail the set designer conjured - a small room packed full of wonderful fashion, adventure and opportunities, living the single life in NYC. I love the idea that despite Carrie having a fitted wardrobe, there was still not enough space for all her lovely goodies so an extra rail had to be put inside. Also its such a genius idea to paint the room grey, rather than have it white. It makes all the clothes really stand out. Its an idea I would steal whenever I get to have my chance for a walk-in wardrobe.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly TV

Ahhhh last night was a treat for me, with a few interruptions from D. Strictly Come Dancing came flooding back into the living room. Who knew Martina could look so pretty? Jade's dress was soooo lovely it reminded me of Audrey's wedding dress in Funny Face. I know the wardrobe department works really hard with all the different sized bodies to make them look good and practical to dance in. Although I had to really LOL when I saw Natalie stuffed into a little red sequin tube number.

I thought Rav was unfairly marked down, as the first contestant on the floor he did really well in the Tango not the easiest dance, as the man has to lead and dominate. Joe was far worse but of course compared to Gary Rhodes last year who really was a comic with his stuck out butt! I'm no ballroom dance expert but I am a sucker for all the glitz & glam, the ladies looking like ladies.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Does it work?

Its all or nothing today, whilst curly haired beauty has been taken away for a long weekend to grandma's I've been able to get on-line, so that's 3 posts today?!?!?! Not that I am complaining having the spare time. I mentioned before I got one teeny tiny stretch mark after the last pregnancy - it wasn't there during the pregnancy but it appeared right after the labour - not sure how that happened but there is a small purple mark above my naval. At first I was freaked out, I didn't get any such marks the first time round (yes go hate me) but I guess carrying twins took a mightier toll. It gave me an excuse to buy a new product Strivectin which I have been dying to try out , on special offer.

Has it worked well yes I think it has, in less time than stated to use it for. My sister thought it was mad of me to buy the product; 50+ quid spent for one stretch mark! Now I'm wondering if it actually was a stretch mark in the first place?

I so want this

Should I or shouldn't I? This Twenty8Twelve jacket has come up for sale on Cocosa, an invite only shopping website on heavily discounted designer gear. I last saw this for sale on the My Wardrobe website last year and could have kicked myself for not getting it then. But since my income has dramatically been reduced to being on SMP I can't justify the expenditure. But it could be worn with so many things in my wardrobe I am sorely tempted - shrugged over my girly Matthew Williamson frock to toughen the look . I have it in my check-out basket and itching to hit the buy it now button. After having 3 babies my body has been amazing snapping back into a size 8 , now weigh 8 stones 2 pounds and I think I deserve a thank you present for getting back into shape so quickly. I'm worth it!!! But seeing its my birthday next month maybe I can persuade D to get it for me as an early gift??? I have after all extended his family line, provided an heir and a spare (did I mention I had twin boys 5 months ago?).

Back on-line

Its been ages - well over a year but a lot has happened including forgetting how to get back onto my blog page due to brain becoming a sieve. That's allowable due to extreme circumstances. I worked out recently I have been pregnant for approx 17 months and have 3 under 3 (had twins) and only one tiny stretch mark!!! How did that happen, it wasn't part of the 'life plan'. It doesn't leave much time for moisturising so I have been looking for something that is quick to apply and really leaves the skin soft and sheeny. So far a combination of Vaseline cocoa butter vitalising gel body oil and Dove rich cream-oil pro.age seems to be doing the trick. If I had a bigger budget I would use This Works Leg oil to get that super slicked shiny shin look.