Colour me happy

Ages ago when I used to work in the fashion industry (the editorial shall remain nameless) I got my 'colour dones' - yes it was that long ago when it was popular to go out with fabric swatches when shopping. The colours I was told that suited me were Black, White, Navy, Cream, Red and Shocking pink. Needless to say I never did stick to them as I found the whole idea as a 20-something, straight out of Art School, very housewifey. Now I am a (temp) housewife I have been thinking about getting a capsule wardrobe for my return to work.  I blame watching re-runs of Gok Fashion Fix on Channel 4, More 4, E4+1 etc. So far I have been un-inspired until I chanced upon this by Arrogant Cat, its an amazing coat and if you enter the following code MEOW09 there is an additional 20% off at check-out. Offer ends 9th October and you can pre-order next seasons offering too.


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