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Its been ages - well over a year but a lot has happened including forgetting how to get back onto my blog page due to brain becoming a sieve. That's allowable due to extreme circumstances. I worked out recently I have been pregnant for approx 17 months and have 3 under 3 (had twins) and only one tiny stretch mark!!! How did that happen, it wasn't part of the 'life plan'. It doesn't leave much time for moisturising so I have been looking for something that is quick to apply and really leaves the skin soft and sheeny. So far a combination of Vaseline cocoa butter vitalising gel body oil and Dove rich cream-oil pro.age seems to be doing the trick. If I had a bigger budget I would use This Works Leg oil to get that super slicked shiny shin look.


  1. the Leg oil is on my xmas list, I am compiling it now! so glad I found you, I love strictly too!


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