Strictly TV

Ahhhh last night was a treat for me, with a few interruptions from D. Strictly Come Dancing came flooding back into the living room. Who knew Martina could look so pretty? Jade's dress was soooo lovely it reminded me of Audrey's wedding dress in Funny Face. I know the wardrobe department works really hard with all the different sized bodies to make them look good and practical to dance in. Although I had to really LOL when I saw Natalie stuffed into a little red sequin tube number.

I thought Rav was unfairly marked down, as the first contestant on the floor he did really well in the Tango not the easiest dance, as the man has to lead and dominate. Joe was far worse but of course compared to Gary Rhodes last year who really was a comic with his stuck out butt! I'm no ballroom dance expert but I am a sucker for all the glitz & glam, the ladies looking like ladies.


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