Does it work?

Its all or nothing today, whilst curly haired beauty has been taken away for a long weekend to grandma's I've been able to get on-line, so that's 3 posts today?!?!?! Not that I am complaining having the spare time. I mentioned before I got one teeny tiny stretch mark after the last pregnancy - it wasn't there during the pregnancy but it appeared right after the labour - not sure how that happened but there is a small purple mark above my naval. At first I was freaked out, I didn't get any such marks the first time round (yes go hate me) but I guess carrying twins took a mightier toll. It gave me an excuse to buy a new product Strivectin which I have been dying to try out , on special offer.

Has it worked well yes I think it has, in less time than stated to use it for. My sister thought it was mad of me to buy the product; 50+ quid spent for one stretch mark! Now I'm wondering if it actually was a stretch mark in the first place?


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