Wish List

Today has been such a lovely warm sunny day its been really hard to get my head around planning on what to get in for Winter to keep nice and toasty. I thought it would help to start with Thing 1 and Thing 2 wardrobe, so I took a peek at the Boden website. I can't believe some of the items have already sold out or on back order for 10 weeks. I quickly ordered the star fleece snowsuit as although it never really gets that cold around Xmas, its more Jan/Feb 2010 when we may get a huge dump of snow (like we did in Feb this year). The curly haired beauty still talks about the snowman we built in the garden and how she fell over in the snow and lost a wellie, like it just happened yesterday! Then I checked out net-a-porter, I have a few things in my Wish List and recently entered the competition to win all the items on the wish list (closing date 4th October) The Paul and Joe Sister double breasted wool blend peacoat is what I really want, along with a Mulberry bag (like the 3 I already own isn't enough!)....Let's hope I win the comp, then I will be a very happy woman.


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