SATC Wardrobe

Carrie's closet
As much as I enjoyed the show and the subsequent film, it was never about Carrie's clothes but her actual wardrobe or closet as they say in the US of A. It was the sense of detail the set designer conjured - a small room packed full of wonderful fashion, adventure and opportunities, living the single life in NYC. I love the idea that despite Carrie having a fitted wardrobe, there was still not enough space for all her lovely goodies so an extra rail had to be put inside. Also its such a genius idea to paint the room grey, rather than have it white. It makes all the clothes really stand out. Its an idea I would steal whenever I get to have my chance for a walk-in wardrobe.


  1. I would so love to have this closet, I wouldn't fit into the contents though! I wonder what shoe size she is?


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