Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all fun times with loved ones this festive season.
Twosp xxxx
(Wearing Marni for Hennes)

Friday, 7 December 2012

On the red carpet for Les Mis

So my Wednesday evening was pretty exciting....a stroll along the red carpet and into the Empire Cinema to watch Les Mis.

We walked past Hugh Jackman (fit & tall), Russell Crowe (wide posterior/dressed like a bouncer), Helena Bonham Carter (Amazing skin). In the foyer I was stopped in my tracks by a minder who was guiding Goldie Hawn. She ended up sitting 3 rows ahead of me hence the bad back head photo. She consumed an entire bucket of popcorn during the screening (see don't I give you great gossp!!!!).

Stunning talented cast who all sang live during filming of this spectacular story. Bits were filmed at Greenwich Naval College and it was pretty amazing to see Russell charging down on horseback, sparks flying from the horses hooves exactly where I had visited en famille earlier in the year (go see my previous Greenwich blog post).

The director introduced the cast onto the stage - last figure on right is Hugh. Yeah I know another bad photo, it could be anyone up there, but I was there people. Go follow me on twitter to see my tweets from that night.

I have never experienced before the whole audience applauding after each song which just added to the electric atmosphere. Sacha Baron Cohen did a great turn as the landlord, lightening the dark and ultimatly sad story.

You don't have to be a fan of the original stage musical, just enjoy the drama unfolding. UK release in January 13th 2013.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November Review

I *heart* this coat – and so pleased the 30% extra off for Friends and Family with The Outnet came along last month. Even with standard delivery it arrived in super quick time and I have been wearing it nearly every other day. The tie belt is a great length which means you can properly tie a bow for a nice smart finishing touch. Although the coat is not the warmest one I own, I can layer my Lavenham quilted gilet underneath without baulking up too much. I love it when my fingers tips brush along the fabric, it so soft and cosy feeling. Sometimes it really does pay to invest a little bit more money for a quality item.

Helene Berman Wool/cashmere trench coat with leather-look detailing

I shall still be web stalking the Sophie Hulme coat in the ever hopefully event it may become heavily discounted in the Sales.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Big Balls

The Christmas decorations in Covent Garden Piazza

Do these bells look like gold sprayed plant pots?
Mmmm, Hobbs your window dresser should have tried a bit harder.

Big Reindeer – has become a nice picnic spot for tourists to sit under.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

October Re-wind

Forgive me but I have been a tad busy on the Home Front. So this blog has been neglected once again – after the flurry of moving to WordPress I still haven’t worked out how to put up a post so it’s back to Blogger for me at the mo!

Last month was full of activity and I selfishly kept back a few Sample Sale details. The best one was at Matthew Williamson where it looked like there was a lot of his older collection for sale along with the recent past seasons. The twitter feed all day offered lots of tantalising glimpses so I had to go along. It would have been rude not too!

So off I popped to Bond Street tube and tucked away was the venue stuffed full of tempting delights. Everything was displayed on racks in price order so it was pretty useful to home in on the ‘budget stuff’ starting from £25 and going all the way up to £1000 – kerching. I grabbed the softest cashmere cropped cardigan which must have been from the Electric Angels collection (his catwalk debut) or near enough, for £50. A striped pink jacket with lovely pleating detail was also too good to leave on the rail and only £50 as well. I’ve never been afraid to wear colour and this jacket looks the bomb.  

There was the most gorgeous black silk halter neck gown which although I didn’t have the height for it (you had to be model height over 5’9), it fitted wonderfully for £100. But sadly I left it back on the rail; I have no up-coming occasion to wear such a lovely dress. Yeah I could have swanned around the house in it but the kids would have asked why I was in my nightie…..and would have wrestled me *sobs* I really should have bought it!

Tim Walker Story Teller Exhibition at Somerset House

I took along the Curly Haired Beauty to see this exhibition – I thought it may be an accessible way of getting her interested in photography or at least inspire her to want to go to more galleries. We loved the large over-sized props used in the photography set in the rooms and it did give a childish Alice in Wonderland feel of prospective.

She was very much taken with the ‘Bad Doll’ in the last room and wanted me to go over and over the story board for the fashion photos. I wish I could have taken a photo of her (my little dolly) with the big dolly.
We shall be going back to Somerset House for the Ice Skating, we can’t wait.

I took a fashion shower

I didn’t go mad and queue for the Anna Del Russo collaboration with Hennes. I think I just about recovered from the Marni Madness. No high street collection is worth the queuing hassle and tussle. So it is with much sang foid that some of the accessory lines are now heavily discounted in the back of the Oxford Street store. The over the knee softest leather boots are 50% and the gold ballet slippers are £25. There are still plenty of ‘Anna’ crystal necklaces and gold framed sunglasses. I did try on the boots and was sorely tempted but then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought I looked a right prat a la MDN on her recent world tour. I had a reality check and remembered I recently turned 21 (again) plus 20. That just sounds wrong!

The Maison Martin Margiela collaboration with Hennes hits stores and available on-line 15th November – there is one thing I do want from that collaboration and that’s the duvet coat. I will be the wamest toastest person ever if I can get my hands on that! But is a big white coat a practical thing to wear in London?

I have a dark green puffa for walks in the park, taking the kids out on activities that call for me to stand around in the cold and wet. Is this a sign I am finally being more practical and grown up about what I buy? Rather than the heart needs/must have/want it now mantra that has ruled my life since I could afford to buy my own clothes……Is this what ageing is all about? You turn into your mother?

Birthday blues

Turning 20 plus 20 plus 1 has left me feeling a bit weird, I didn’t cry, I didn’t wail, I just felt numb and carried on as normal. There was no big celebration, no breakfast in bed (just a cuppa from the husband). Curley Haired Beauty got me this Tiger print scarf by Alice for Temperley - hasn’t she got good taste?
Comically she was very quick to assume I no longer wanted to wear my old scarf and quickly claimed it for herself. Ah she is very much her mother’s daughter.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It's not goodbye

I've been blogging for over 5 years now over at http://teawithonesugarplease.blogspot.co.uk/ but have decided to move over here at Wordpress for a bit just to see how things would fare in this fast paced social media world we live in. Haven't quite worked out how to do XYZ yet so bear with me whilst I find my bearings! ImageSo help yourself to a St Clement Muffin - one of Mary Berry's finest recipies.  

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

An evening with Liberty London Girl

This must be the hat trick of nights out, but I won tickets with Massey Travel on Twitter to hear London Liberty Girl speak about blogging at the Hoxton Hotel tonight. My winning answer - to name LLG's canine sidekick - Posetta Bad Dog, Woof ! I've been a regular reader of LLG for over the last five years so I was chuffed to bits to be able to go hear her talk and actually meet her face to face.

Now Hoxton isn't an area I go to very much - in my youth it was for visits to the Moorefield eye hospital to work out what was wrong with my eyes. Turns out I was extremely shortsighted in one eye (minus 4). I normally get hopelessly lost around there; the tube station with the multitude of exits! I think I once turned down a job in Old Street because I thought the daily commute would be too fraught. My loss as it was probably some digital start up company that is now raking it in after creating the best selling app on iPod.... :-(

Here is Sasha perched on a high chair but you can't see her 4 inch heels - my other photos were not much better and I don't think she would appreciate the one where her Samsung tablet illuminates under her chin. She gave great insight into her editorial background, her career path, lucky breaks and generally very honest thoughts about blogging and the blogging community. She thanked all her readers, as without them she wouldn't have a blog. Here are my takeaways from her blogging advice - I didn't take notes so I'm just going to jot down what I thought sounded important and relevant to me in no particular order:

  • Average Posts lengths 300 words - if you write more consider splitting it into 2 posts, that way you can stick the other half up the next day.
  • 4 x Posts a week is good 
  • Edit, crop & carefully choose your photo accompanying your blog post. 
  • Own your domain name and move to WordPress - avoid GoDaddy 
  • Thank everyone - old school style, writing out thank you letters
  • Find your voice and write what's true to you and keep blogging
So another Big THANK YOU for a lovely evening 
twosp xxx 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Last night at the Classic Brits

Well it was a turn up for the books, after all my kiddies taking turns to be unwell -  I got a night out with bezzie friend J (the one with connections to the Music Biz). A trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Classic Brit Awards and listen to some of the finest musicians and singers from around the world.

Hosted by Myleene Klass it was a weird, slightly surreal but enjoyable evening: with a mixture of presenters, winners, and entertaining music. Now I'm no high brow Stephen Fry kinda gal and I sort of know my Beethoven from my Bach but I am very guilty of identifying classical tracks from whatever TV advert it had been used on! 

I had to take the flash off my HTC camera phone so apols for the terrible pictures. We had very good seats in the stalls - not that it looks that way from the photos!

Andrea Bocelli sang a spine tingling 'Amazing Grace' at the start of the award ceremony.
Somewhere seated at the piano is (Sir) Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Barlow standing at Keyboards, next to him Gareth Malone and the Military Wives singing. This picture is dedicated to Kate at Make Do Style - I tried really hard to get up close to Gary and pass on your message sweetie :-D

The ladies in crinolines playing a a waltz which got some of the crowd swaying. J slyly said shoot her if she ever started to do something like that.....

In front of us in the VIP area were the assorted record company, sponsors, musicians, singers finishing off their dinners and getting stuck into the wine. There were a couple of old dears a few rows behind us tucking into their brought in sandwiches. You could hear their dentures gnashing away - maybe it was the acoustics inside that amplified the noise?

We had great fun people watching and some ladies really did dress up; long gowns full of sequins and some bared a lot of flesh which was most amusing considering the appalling weather outside. We played spot the celeb and I'm happy to report back Alan Titmarch, Anthony Hopkins and Cerys Matthews were spotted - where I started to launch into my rendition of 'Mulder and Scully' (don't worry it was during the intermission at this point). Oh and him who came runner up in Britain's Got Talent who lost out to the performing dog!

Just before the end there was a medley of music by the London Chamber Orchestra music composed by John Williams (who was honored with a lifetime achievement award). At this point I totally lost my composure and quietly chuckled throughout the theme from ET, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Superman, Jaws etc. On the back stage screen ,film clips were shown to accompany the music - yes including that clip of the shark jumping out of the water! But as John Suchet said when giving out the award his music is the first time young ears would hear an orchestra and I truly believe a well scored film deserves the recognition in making a movie Really Good. *I should do a separate blog on why the Johnny Depp version of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ' was pants compared to the Gene Wilder version*

By the end of a highly entertaining evening I was buoyed up wanting to be the cymbal player in an orchestra - who wouldn't want to be crashing those shiny gold objects about!!!

The whole thing was recorded and will be shown on ITV on Sunday night after Downton Abbey. Look out for me right side of the stage Block L, Row 8 - I'm wearing my Alice by Temperley bright pink crepe dress.

xxx twosp xxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Shop stalking

Me bad...it's been a while since I last blogged but you know the usual normal life takes over: leaving me no time, Day job, start of school, kiddies get sick, kiddie need a trip to A&E and before you know it an overnight stay in hospital. Yep all fun and games here - no one else get sick on my watch please!

Anyway a nice distraction for me, has been thinking about my new Winter coat - I have finally found THE ONE but there is a hefty price tag attached £597 - Ouch

How can I justify paying for a coat that costs more than my first car (£330 F reg Micra). But I want it, I need it and my wardrobe would be so complete if I have this beautiful wool, leather sleeved trench coat in my life. Available to buy here. I will keep having to shop stalk it and hope in vain it may end up in the sale - since every high street shop seems to be having a mid-season sale.

A cheaper alternative but no way comparable is this coat from ASOS. The sleeves are quilted and not leather but at a great price point of £75

*Sniff* anyone want to buy me a new coat? My birthday is coming in a few weeks and I need cheering up as I hit the next age bracket tick box *sobs*
xx twosp xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Get your coat on

It does seem a little out of place to be talking about winter coats whilst we are currently bathed in brilliant sunshine and proper heat radiating out to warm the bones.

But when has fashion been practical?

Here are my picks from Mango

Contrast sleeve Masculine coat £99.99 - looks much better in real life than this photo. If you wanted to channel a Military look without looking like you've stepped out of the TA
Masculine Cut coast £79.99 - this looked so similar to another coat I saw in Kooples but for a fraction of the price
Perfecto Effect Coat £129.99 I really like the biker jacket styling with the winter practicalities of covering you up and keeping you warm.

Hopefully retailers will keep the coats in stock past October - by then they traditionally start piling in the festive party wear and you just can't buy a decent warm coat in November when you really need it.

Don't get me started on trying to buy a swimsuit in summer.....in the run up to the August Bank holiday I hit every single store in Covent Garden and only one place Aubin and Willis  had them in stock. I know retailers have struggled and started the summer sale very early this year but seriously it was not much to ask for a swimming cossie for August!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Colour me Happy

Finally I got round to colouring my hair after my previous hair disasters I have had to leave it to 'rest' for ages. I wasn't tempted to go back into the salon so I popped into my local supermarket and spent £6 on packet by Nice N Easy non drip foam  a permeant dye to cover all the the bad post-40 Salon dip dye end bleach job (that got re-covered in violet toner twice), the red streaks that faded to orange and the 'sparkels' as one hair stylist called my wiry white hairs - biiiiitttttttcccchhhhhh.

It was pretty simple to use and took approx an hour for me to colour my very long hair; as the dye took ages to rinse out properly. But it did just the job , no black splashes to ruin the bath tub, the white bath mat survived intact (it really was a non drip foam) and there was no real strong ammonia smell so all in all a great result.
The conditioner that came with the packet had a light coconut fragrance and sorted out the tangles and helped smooth the cuticles for a very smooth finish. An extra conditioner was included to use a week later. If like me you are using a dark hair colour (black in my case) I would add to your shopping basket some hair dye remover wipes - these little sachets are handy for cleaning up the bits of colour around ears, neck and hair line.

NB: This was not a sponsored post I paid for the goods with my own money.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Somerset by Alice Temperley

I checked out the new Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis today and I have to say each piece beared the hallmark of Alice's signature style. There wasn't anything I wouldn't snap up and I had to really refrain from purchasing and wait for next pay day to get kitted out for A/W season. Bit ironic really since today is warm, sunny and blue skied - the Summer we should have had back in June/July/August.....

Wool and cashmere coat £299
The dresses are in pure silk and actually look much better than these photos. With sizing going up to Size 16

I must be turning middle-aged as whilst I was in John Lewis I checked out the rest of the fashion collection and really liked the edit in there. Farhi, Lauren, Whistles, Hobbs etc. were all laid out in spacious surrounding (Oxford Street branch). I even had a browse in the Lingerie department and spotted some Elle MacPherson undies marked down to £18 and in my size (bargain bonus). All in all well done John Lewis for getting your market right; everything a department store should be. As for Marks and Spencers - oh dear oh dear but I will save that for another blog post! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

New Face

White Rabbit! Pinch punch first day of the month and no returns....have no idea why I say all that but it's the 1st of September. How did that happen? We never did have much actual Summer weather this year and its felt very Autumnal since March. But here we are and the evenings are getting darker and the next Bank Holiday is on Boxing day!!!

Anyhow I thought I would update you on my current beauty routine and a recent discovery of mine. Immortelle Divine Cream by l'Occitane, what a name and what a product. During our holiday break I managed to fit a visit to Cheshire Oaks (the only highlight of my stay with the in-laws). I swooped onto a lot of the retail outlets and in under 3 hours managed to get 2 dresses, Bobbi Brown make up palatte, school shoes for The Curly Haired Beauty and this amazing face cream which was part of a starter set. The difference it has made to my complexion is incredible. My skin feels so soft and velvety after a week of using it. I think it's suppose to be used by more (ahem) mature ladies but since I will be joining the next age bracket in a few months there's no harm starting to use this now. It's a very lightweight cream that's easily absorbed leaving no greasy feeling on the skin surface. The name comes from the Immortelle essential oil used to stimulate collagens and improve the skins microcirculation. I have combination skin but my forehead is starting to show stubborn horizontal frown lines despite still remaining oily. I'm against having botox and having grown out my fringe; this cream looks like a viable option to reduce the lines. I'm not against looking my age but want to help preserve what I have for a little bit longer ;-)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wish you were here

I'm on a break, normal service will resume after a holiday en famille. Hopefully refreshed and rearing to blog again
twosp xxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Test post

Testing, testing 123
Just working on a few things in-between the Olympics, tweeting, London 2012 ticket website, trying to control the kids etc. They all seem hot and bothered with Summer finally making an appearance (again).
Normal service should resume after the sportiness madness fades away...
twosp xxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The London Olympics has taken up all my time, I haven't watched this much tv /sport since I don't know when! Dress code of the day is red, white and blue accessories by a huge union jack flag!

And handball is like football....who knew? Go Iceland, go Hungary

Monday, 30 July 2012

Chanel Pop Up

Well my invite must have gotten lost in the post so I missed the opening of the Chanel pop up store in Covent Garden - but that's OK as I had a terrible stomach bug and spent two days lying on the bathroom floor (bonus lost 3 lbs). For those of you who are in the area go check it put, every Chanel nail colour in this store with a shape and paint for £20.

PS couldn't resist the horse pix  

Thursday, 19 July 2012

They're coming

Wenlocke and Mandeville are the Olympic mascots (so I have been informed by Curly Haired Beauty - so this could be wrong as I haven't had a chance to check). Note the sign saying "Do Not Climb" like that's going to stop kids clambering all over them. My daily journey to work is now accompanied by Boris booming over the tannoy telling me to get ahead of the games. Boo hiss my trains never run on time so I am dreading the Olympics..... I know not in the right mood to br behind Team GB but its been a relentless Summer of rain, childhood diseases, rain, trips to hospital, rain and more rain.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Emma Cook

I can't keep up with all these sample sales...reported discounts are up to 95% off, that's practically free in my books!

Credit from Sample Editer

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mwah Mawi

Another sale, so little time to get too...happy shopping
twosp xxx

Credit for photo and details of sale from here

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

#Alert3 shoe porn

Details of shoe sale in my previous post. Prices started £50-75 but most of those had gone. Next price range £100 still a good bargain considering they normally retail £350 a pair. Sorry for the poor quality photos, used my HTC smart phone and don't have instagram to make pix look cool!!!

#Alert2 Shoe Porn

I love Twitter for hearing news about Sales and Igotta go to this one today.....

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Andy Pandy

I love jumpsuits, the ease of putting on one thing and that's it, your outfit for the day is sorted . For some reason I only have one in my wardrobe and then when I wear it I remember why....dashes to the loo and not leaving enough time to un-dress...you can figure out the rest!

But I still love them, here is my round up from the sales at ASOS

Kookai Silk Jumpsuit  £47.50
ASOS Wave print jumpsuit £22
Yes I know this has a touch of the Andy Pandy about it, maybe I am going through a Man Repeller  moment? But look how summery you would feel wearing one of these, especially since the Summer hasn't quite happened for us in the UK

APC Madras Silk crepe jumpsuit £120

For the more sophisti-cat readers, you can't go wrong with this chic number

Friday, 22 June 2012

Lost in Cos

Sooooo I had some time to kill one lunch break and oh look Cos has a sale on *wanders in* and before I knew it I had 6 dresses in my arms and headed into the changing room......

Needless to say I walked out with several purchases. I may go back for the neon yellow jersey dress! Yeah 40 somethings can rock colour!!!
Only the navy dress had sleeves which I thought would be a good long term investment when my arms start to develops bingo wings. Now I am in an age quandry, do I shop for now for the figure I have (looking good and toned after 3 kids) or start to think ahead when bits of skin start to slacken and need covering up? I love the fact I can pull out something 18 years old and still get into it (my first Whistles purchase white cotton skirt). 

But doesn't there come a time when you have to dress age appropriate? Yeah talking about Madonna here. Inside I still feel like I'm 30 especially at work when I am child-free. Until I come across a CV ad shrill out "How old? born in 1991?!?!?!?"

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A night off

For a dear friend's 40th birthday treat, we spent the night away from our kids at Cannizaro House and had a few glasses of champagne, a delish dinner, wine and lethal cocktails at the hotel bar ....it got very messy and by 2am I went awol and spent a couple hours throwing my guts up!