On the red carpet for Les Mis

So my Wednesday evening was pretty exciting....a stroll along the red carpet and into the Empire Cinema to watch Les Mis.

We walked past Hugh Jackman (fit & tall), Russell Crowe (wide posterior/dressed like a bouncer), Helena Bonham Carter (Amazing skin). In the foyer I was stopped in my tracks by a minder who was guiding Goldie Hawn. She ended up sitting 3 rows ahead of me hence the bad back head photo. She consumed an entire bucket of popcorn during the screening (see don't I give you great gossp!!!!).

Stunning talented cast who all sang live during filming of this spectacular story. Bits were filmed at Greenwich Naval College and it was pretty amazing to see Russell charging down on horseback, sparks flying from the horses hooves exactly where I had visited en famille earlier in the year (go see my previous Greenwich blog post).

The director introduced the cast onto the stage - last figure on right is Hugh. Yeah I know another bad photo, it could be anyone up there, but I was there people. Go follow me on twitter to see my tweets from that night.

I have never experienced before the whole audience applauding after each song which just added to the electric atmosphere. Sacha Baron Cohen did a great turn as the landlord, lightening the dark and ultimatly sad story.

You don't have to be a fan of the original stage musical, just enjoy the drama unfolding. UK release in January 13th 2013.


  1. I've never seen the show but am going to watch the film for sure. What a fab night for you x

  2. my big question is - how did you bag an invite!
    and what did you wear? that's two big questions. duh.


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