Colour me Happy

Finally I got round to colouring my hair after my previous hair disasters I have had to leave it to 'rest' for ages. I wasn't tempted to go back into the salon so I popped into my local supermarket and spent £6 on packet by Nice N Easy non drip foam  a permeant dye to cover all the the bad post-40 Salon dip dye end bleach job (that got re-covered in violet toner twice), the red streaks that faded to orange and the 'sparkels' as one hair stylist called my wiry white hairs - biiiiitttttttcccchhhhhh.

It was pretty simple to use and took approx an hour for me to colour my very long hair; as the dye took ages to rinse out properly. But it did just the job , no black splashes to ruin the bath tub, the white bath mat survived intact (it really was a non drip foam) and there was no real strong ammonia smell so all in all a great result.
The conditioner that came with the packet had a light coconut fragrance and sorted out the tangles and helped smooth the cuticles for a very smooth finish. An extra conditioner was included to use a week later. If like me you are using a dark hair colour (black in my case) I would add to your shopping basket some hair dye remover wipes - these little sachets are handy for cleaning up the bits of colour around ears, neck and hair line.

NB: This was not a sponsored post I paid for the goods with my own money.


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