An evening with Liberty London Girl

This must be the hat trick of nights out, but I won tickets with Massey Travel on Twitter to hear London Liberty Girl speak about blogging at the Hoxton Hotel tonight. My winning answer - to name LLG's canine sidekick - Posetta Bad Dog, Woof ! I've been a regular reader of LLG for over the last five years so I was chuffed to bits to be able to go hear her talk and actually meet her face to face.

Now Hoxton isn't an area I go to very much - in my youth it was for visits to the Moorefield eye hospital to work out what was wrong with my eyes. Turns out I was extremely shortsighted in one eye (minus 4). I normally get hopelessly lost around there; the tube station with the multitude of exits! I think I once turned down a job in Old Street because I thought the daily commute would be too fraught. My loss as it was probably some digital start up company that is now raking it in after creating the best selling app on iPod.... :-(

Here is Sasha perched on a high chair but you can't see her 4 inch heels - my other photos were not much better and I don't think she would appreciate the one where her Samsung tablet illuminates under her chin. She gave great insight into her editorial background, her career path, lucky breaks and generally very honest thoughts about blogging and the blogging community. She thanked all her readers, as without them she wouldn't have a blog. Here are my takeaways from her blogging advice - I didn't take notes so I'm just going to jot down what I thought sounded important and relevant to me in no particular order:

  • Average Posts lengths 300 words - if you write more consider splitting it into 2 posts, that way you can stick the other half up the next day.
  • 4 x Posts a week is good 
  • Edit, crop & carefully choose your photo accompanying your blog post. 
  • Own your domain name and move to WordPress - avoid GoDaddy 
  • Thank everyone - old school style, writing out thank you letters
  • Find your voice and write what's true to you and keep blogging
So another Big THANK YOU for a lovely evening 
twosp xxx 


  1. Sounds like a fun evening and having been blogging for 3 1/2 years I can confirm she is right when it comes to lucky breaks. To be a success in blogging you have to put yourself "out there", not something I am comfortable with, so keep mine as a hobby which works best for me but you never stop learning so workshops like these are invaluable xx


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