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Me's been a while since I last blogged but you know the usual normal life takes over: leaving me no time, Day job, start of school, kiddies get sick, kiddie need a trip to A&E and before you know it an overnight stay in hospital. Yep all fun and games here - no one else get sick on my watch please!

Anyway a nice distraction for me, has been thinking about my new Winter coat - I have finally found THE ONE but there is a hefty price tag attached £597 - Ouch

How can I justify paying for a coat that costs more than my first car (£330 F reg Micra). But I want it, I need it and my wardrobe would be so complete if I have this beautiful wool, leather sleeved trench coat in my life. Available to buy here. I will keep having to shop stalk it and hope in vain it may end up in the sale - since every high street shop seems to be having a mid-season sale.

A cheaper alternative but no way comparable is this coat from ASOS. The sleeves are quilted and not leather but at a great price point of £75

*Sniff* anyone want to buy me a new coat? My birthday is coming in a few weeks and I need cheering up as I hit the next age bracket tick box *sobs*
xx twosp xx


  1. Get the credit card out, you deserve it honey xx

  2. I agree with Fab! This will last you for years!

  3. Hi my dear-well if you wear it for 150 days a year for 4 years, thats £1 cost per wear-haha! Seriously, its a fab coat, hope you can manage to treat yourself-or ask for it as a joint birthday/xmas pressie?? xx

  4. I'm loving this coat!!Your blog is great xx


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