October Re-wind

Forgive me but I have been a tad busy on the Home Front. So this blog has been neglected once again – after the flurry of moving to WordPress I still haven’t worked out how to put up a post so it’s back to Blogger for me at the mo!

Last month was full of activity and I selfishly kept back a few Sample Sale details. The best one was at Matthew Williamson where it looked like there was a lot of his older collection for sale along with the recent past seasons. The twitter feed all day offered lots of tantalising glimpses so I had to go along. It would have been rude not too!

So off I popped to Bond Street tube and tucked away was the venue stuffed full of tempting delights. Everything was displayed on racks in price order so it was pretty useful to home in on the ‘budget stuff’ starting from £25 and going all the way up to £1000 – kerching. I grabbed the softest cashmere cropped cardigan which must have been from the Electric Angels collection (his catwalk debut) or near enough, for £50. A striped pink jacket with lovely pleating detail was also too good to leave on the rail and only £50 as well. I’ve never been afraid to wear colour and this jacket looks the bomb.  

There was the most gorgeous black silk halter neck gown which although I didn’t have the height for it (you had to be model height over 5’9), it fitted wonderfully for £100. But sadly I left it back on the rail; I have no up-coming occasion to wear such a lovely dress. Yeah I could have swanned around the house in it but the kids would have asked why I was in my nightie…..and would have wrestled me *sobs* I really should have bought it!

Tim Walker Story Teller Exhibition at Somerset House

I took along the Curly Haired Beauty to see this exhibition – I thought it may be an accessible way of getting her interested in photography or at least inspire her to want to go to more galleries. We loved the large over-sized props used in the photography set in the rooms and it did give a childish Alice in Wonderland feel of prospective.

She was very much taken with the ‘Bad Doll’ in the last room and wanted me to go over and over the story board for the fashion photos. I wish I could have taken a photo of her (my little dolly) with the big dolly.
We shall be going back to Somerset House for the Ice Skating, we can’t wait.

I took a fashion shower

I didn’t go mad and queue for the Anna Del Russo collaboration with Hennes. I think I just about recovered from the Marni Madness. No high street collection is worth the queuing hassle and tussle. So it is with much sang foid that some of the accessory lines are now heavily discounted in the back of the Oxford Street store. The over the knee softest leather boots are 50% and the gold ballet slippers are £25. There are still plenty of ‘Anna’ crystal necklaces and gold framed sunglasses. I did try on the boots and was sorely tempted but then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought I looked a right prat a la MDN on her recent world tour. I had a reality check and remembered I recently turned 21 (again) plus 20. That just sounds wrong!

The Maison Martin Margiela collaboration with Hennes hits stores and available on-line 15th November – there is one thing I do want from that collaboration and that’s the duvet coat. I will be the wamest toastest person ever if I can get my hands on that! But is a big white coat a practical thing to wear in London?

I have a dark green puffa for walks in the park, taking the kids out on activities that call for me to stand around in the cold and wet. Is this a sign I am finally being more practical and grown up about what I buy? Rather than the heart needs/must have/want it now mantra that has ruled my life since I could afford to buy my own clothes……Is this what ageing is all about? You turn into your mother?

Birthday blues

Turning 20 plus 20 plus 1 has left me feeling a bit weird, I didn’t cry, I didn’t wail, I just felt numb and carried on as normal. There was no big celebration, no breakfast in bed (just a cuppa from the husband). Curley Haired Beauty got me this Tiger print scarf by Alice for Temperley - hasn’t she got good taste?
Comically she was very quick to assume I no longer wanted to wear my old scarf and quickly claimed it for herself. Ah she is very much her mother’s daughter.


  1. That Duvet coat is fab but not sure about you wearing it to work!


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