Lost in Cos

Sooooo I had some time to kill one lunch break and oh look Cos has a sale on *wanders in* and before I knew it I had 6 dresses in my arms and headed into the changing room......

Needless to say I walked out with several purchases. I may go back for the neon yellow jersey dress! Yeah 40 somethings can rock colour!!!
Only the navy dress had sleeves which I thought would be a good long term investment when my arms start to develops bingo wings. Now I am in an age quandry, do I shop for now for the figure I have (looking good and toned after 3 kids) or start to think ahead when bits of skin start to slacken and need covering up? I love the fact I can pull out something 18 years old and still get into it (my first Whistles purchase white cotton skirt). 

But doesn't there come a time when you have to dress age appropriate? Yeah talking about Madonna here. Inside I still feel like I'm 30 especially at work when I am child-free. Until I come across a CV ad shrill out "How old? born in 1991?!?!?!?"


  1. Hi my dear! Age is just a number!! You look great and my fave here is the neon dress, hope you get it!! xx

  2. I love the long sleeve dress & I love COS - I can't be bothered to shop anywhere else much these days xx

  3. Fab dresses. My ambition is to one visit Actusl Cos in person rather than hanging about online.
    Age appropriate is about taste I think rather than clothing. What suits. Clearly hot pants don't suit over 40s. In my view and experience. But it does get depressing being oldest in top shop or Zara and when Mary Portas makes over 40s her focus and answer is bingo wing covers for over 40s the only answer is gin.

  4. Wish I had known you were going, there is a dress I want that is out of stock in my size on the website lol!


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