Andy Pandy

I love jumpsuits, the ease of putting on one thing and that's it, your outfit for the day is sorted . For some reason I only have one in my wardrobe and then when I wear it I remember why....dashes to the loo and not leaving enough time to can figure out the rest!

But I still love them, here is my round up from the sales at ASOS

Kookai Silk Jumpsuit  £47.50
ASOS Wave print jumpsuit £22
Yes I know this has a touch of the Andy Pandy about it, maybe I am going through a Man Repeller  moment? But look how summery you would feel wearing one of these, especially since the Summer hasn't quite happened for us in the UK

APC Madras Silk crepe jumpsuit £120

For the more sophisti-cat readers, you can't go wrong with this chic number


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