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I've been tagged by Make Do Style and Looking Fab in your Forties to reveal seven pairs of my favorite shoes. How do I choose? it would be like asking a mother which child you loved the most!

So I agonised over it for a few days and have picked the following to share with you. 6 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of flats

Jimmy Choo's, burgundy leather heels with pom pom details. Purchased in Venice in the depths of winter, I can't resist anything with pom poms. I couldn't work out the Euro exchange rate at the time but I just had to have them and knew it was a sign to snap up the last pair (OK slightly teeny weeny bit smaller than my normal size) and was really chuffed when I got my credit card statement they were a bargaintastic 99 quid.

Georgina Goodman - red leather sandals with wooden bead details. A lovely Christmas present from D. Yep I pointed to them on the web and said that would be nice to have and a few months later I got them - Great result! I adore the fact her shoes have Made with Love inside them. It helps to drill into your man your vital statistics so whenever the opportunity presents itself he can go buy you something wonderful to wear without the fear of getting it horribly wrong.

Marc Jacob - flat patterned leather mouse shoes bought from Net-a-Porter when I was pregnant with the Curly Haired Beauty. If I was going to be fat and not be able to see my feet. Then I wanted to know they were wearing pretty shoes that everyone else can admire. Go figure the pregnant ladies hormonal reasoning.

Lulu Guinness - Suede peep toe heels with rosette and pearl detail. I accidently bought these from Viva la Diva when they first launched their on-line site. I hit the buy button instead of the save button. Its a very elegant shoe and have been worn to many grand occasions. The details bring it up a notch on the style front and although its not very clear the little pearl adds a subtle bit of specialness.

Chloe - navy leather ballet pumps, I got these in Liberty's - they are so comfy and for a simple design (D look away now) even in the sale they cost me (shhhhhhhh D really do look away now!) 179 quid......but I wear them all the time so cost per wear justifies the initial outlay.

I do wear high street shoes too!

LK Bennett - gold leather sling back kitten heels. Great for dancing in,  what's not to love about these beauties?

I love a freebie and these were gifted to me by A when she used to handle the PR for Clarks. Very comfy patent leather peep toe heels. I keep them in the office drawer to slip into after I have trudged into the office from the suburbs.

Hee hee I have added an eight pair! See I told you I couldn't decide on which shoes to pick!
Gamba - red satin tango shoes. They were originally white, purchased to wear for my wedding but two days before I set about dyeing them red. Ladies take a tip from me - don't ever try and do this two days before your wedding. It won't dry in time.....enough said.

I'm going to tag the following people and I hope they will share what shoes they love the most. Purple Ramblings , Tor at Fabfrocksgetsmarried who may find my last tip amusing, Budget Mummy who is a dear mate of mine and is new to blogging so go check out her blog please, and Beverly Hills Branche as I am a nosy so and so and would love to see inside her wardrobe :-)


  1. A great selection, agree it is so hard to pick just seven pairs! Those Jimmy choo's were a real bargain!

  2. Can't resist a pom pom myself!! Great selection and those red ones look the business, I hope you wore them wet!

  3. Thanks for the tag...you are a doll. Unfortunately, I don't actually have shoes that are nice enough to post on BHB. Seriously, I don't have even a single pair of Choos or Blahniks. I've only a few old pairs of YSLs,Patrick Cox and a single pair of Dolce&Gabana crocodile pumps. My shoe life is very sad....

  4. You have a great selection of beautiful shoes. I loved them all but have a real liking for red shoes, so loved the red dyed ones. bee x

  5. Look forward to doing this when I get home :-)
    When I was pregnant there was a pair of heels I had to have in Office and everyone said I was crazy for buying them as my feet would get bigger... Luckily they didn't and I still wear them, pregnant lady reasoning also in effect xx

  6. Would never have guessed those were Clarks shoes...

  7. Bless you darling for the link! My god girl - loving the shoes. I'm quite impressed I know someone who actually owns posh shoes XXXX


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