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For a youthful 42 year old who has kept her figure trim after having 3 kids, can still wear size 8 UK clothes (I still feel 32); I eat a healthy balanced diet but I feel I can do more to help support my immune system, joints, bones, improve my skin, delay ageing (hahahahahaha) etc. I've noticed the cold air seems to make my body creak and ache a little in the mornings - we still haven't turned on our central heating - the last gas bill was shocking. 

So from today until Christmas I am taking the following to see if they really do help. 

Holland and Barrett  did really well from me today but taking advantage of their Penny sale I bought the following items.  

Hyaluronic Acid - click HERE to find out why (fountain of youth apparently)

Vegan Multivitamins - I'm not a veggie but the other multi vits were horse pill size and they make me gag. I normally buy Boots own brand which are smaller and coated so makes it easier to swallow. 

Cold Flax seed oil - More info HERE

Royal Jelly - back in the 80's when Barbara Cartland  was still step-granny to Princes Diana, she used to pop up on the TV extolling the virtues of Royal Jelly (how I sniggered at her make-up/dress sense) and now I can't believe I am taking these supplements. Oh well if it's good enough for the Queen Bee it's going to be good enough for me....

NB: Supplements should be taken with a meal and plenty of fluids...does having a Hazelnut Latte count as a meal? 

twosp xxx 

 Image from The Guardian


  1. I must confess the old knee's are playing up a bit especially when I go upstairs. Might have to check out this penny sale. Also need something for hot flushes!


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