Today's thoughts

As I sit here to write this blog post the weather outside has turned wetter and wetter. I feel I should launch a boat so I can get about (or swim!). With the Easter four day weekend looming ahead, of course it would be rainy one! This is why the British are known for talking about the weather, its so changeable and a real conversation starter...ahem I shall try and turn this into a more interesting topic.

Five years ago it was warm enough for us all to venture to the Sunny Sands a proper sandy beach in Kent. Fish and chips and the portable potty (ah those were the days) which made it into every single photo! Thanks FB for the timeline reminder. I am truly debating if I should delete my FB account sooner rather than later with all the unsavoury investigations that are coming out. What had started as a platform for me to keep in touch with relatives around the world and share the progress of the family as it grows and expand. It is no longer something I want to be part of. Will it go the way of  Friends Reunited - remember them?

I am always mindful on what I share concerning the children and have a closed list so their photos are private. But of course any hacker could try and put the content out onto the open wide web. Seriously do they need to see what everyone ate for Sunday lunch?

None of my children have access to social media but I have already been teaching them the dangers of over sharing and being careful of what is posted and commenting. The school had run classes on staying safe on-line but the kids knowledge and the fast pace of technology means Educators can never keep up with the next and the new. Curly Haired Beauty is desparate to have access and is already suffering from FOMO. As most of her friends have Snapchat and WhatsApp already. They are only 10/11!! She has to wait until next year to gain access to that and be at least 13 for Instagram. I am secretly hoping something else will be replace all of the above by 2020!

How come we are not all on hover skate boards - the future promised in  'Back to the Future' movie
Although staying that ,at the time I was working for the the parent company that re-released it 2010 for the 25th anniversary and I never felt so old working amongst the young uns. And I was still in my 30's back I'm in my late 40's I have a more don't give a s*** attitude. That's the pre-menopausal in me I think. 


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