It's all about volume sleeves

After my little rant about high street clothes stores yesterday I still have great affection for them. Since the mid season sales are still on (this seems to be now a regular thing) I've had a look around to see what you can buy and wear now.

Whistles Stripe Bell Cuff Poplin Top 55 GBP
& Another Stories Billow Sleeve Sweater 30 GBP
 H&M Frilled Blouse 13.99 GBP

What they all have in common are puffy sleeve and cuff details which will add a bit of newness to upgrade any outfit. As someone who has 5 white shirts - in my past deluded this is my staple wardrobe look 'so getting dressed in the mornings will be a no-brainer' , a big fat fail. Along with my 'I only need to wear a Goat crepe wool dress to look polished for work' - 2 x black, 2 x navy and 1 x red dress, another big fat fail.... at least I have stopped stalking The Outnet for Goat dresses.

I think because I had worked around different industries, you wear what fits into your surroundings. So I have picked up an extensive working wardrobe. God help me as I move into Banking and Finance next month! I recently gave away all my work suits to my 15 year neice. She wanted clothes suitable for 6th form and her school has very stritch rules on what they can wear.

My daughter will be attending the same school in September and I am already shocked at the prices of her uniform. The regulation mandatory blazer is 70 GBP and the checked skirt is 30 GBP. Yikes - as someone used to shopping in Tesco and Asda for the kids school uniforms this is a real shock.


  1. Are you still taking sugar in your tea!
    Looking forward to hearing what you're going to wear for Banking and Finance...


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