Harry heart Megan #royalwedding

What a glorious day yesterday, I do think most of the U.K. watched the Royal Wedding and wasn't it a lovely ceremony? I watched it at a garden party held inside the Chelsea Physics Garden. I dressed the kids in red, white and blue outfits (the whole point of have 3 kids is being able to theme them) I found myself convincing the twins to wear their checked shirts 'like a shacket' worn open and over a t-shirt, as they hate being formal and looking 'posh' (Posh being a buttoned up shirt!) . I wore a blue floral  blossom print dress by Uniqlo. Perfect for sitting on a lawn , picnicking, didn't crease and was a good length so no flashing of knickers! I even wore a facinator and a lot of other people dressed up for the royal  occasion with big hats and tiaras too. 

We all watched a not very big screen, with not much sound and was just able to make out the vows as a helicopter buzzed overhead. The sun was streaming causing a lot of glare and the TV was eventually moved to under a shade of a tree... but it didn't matter, it was still magical to watch and a few of the audience streamed from their mobiles so I was able to follow - a slight sound delay meant it you could hear it in triplicate echoing. We all oohed and ahhed together and I even shed a little tear as it really was the look of love between Megan and Harry. 

I really wish the very best for them, seeing as both were only able to have one parent watch their joyful union. I just loved the pomp and ceremony and it was such a lovely idea to be in a beautiful garden to watch the wedding and toast  the happy couple. A lot of corks were popped :-) 

Wasn't the rendition of 'stand by me' just stunning? Those 7 year old page boys did an amazing jobs. I know my twins couldn't be trusted to walk up stairs without falling over let alone hold a beautiful 5 metre veil. Sometimes this country can just throw out a beautiful blue sky and warm sunny weather it was such a treat being able to sit outside all day in a stunning floral setting.

Twosp x 


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