March winds, April Showers make for May flowers

I had thought I would have plenty of time to blog in-between work contracts but Nope life did not work out that way. Children’s school holidays and other commitments meant I wasn’t on-line. I have even deleted my Twitter/Facebook App and unsubscribed from a whole bunch of newsletters that had been clogging my in box. Quite cathartic as I also tackled my Pension paperwork (who knew I had 7 work pensions scattered about) and managed to try and get them all into one place so in my doddery old age I will have some pennies to live on!

I spent the time off to do a little bit of spring cleaning – not as much as I would like and although I re-read Marie Kondo’s ‘Spark Joy’ book – only one drawer is immaculately folded with colour coordinated tops and I donated/threw out several bin bags of clothes. I admit I have far too many clothes and need to simplfy. I tackled the kitchen cupboards and took out all the gadgets/plate ware that were never use; so some of it will be hitting eBay and the rest were given to charity. Look out for a bright pink Magimix (only used a few times back in 2007)

t’husband had a bit of adjustment having me more about the home – think I got on his nerves at one point. But it was nice to go out on a few lunch dates sans enfants. I also attempted to go blonder (again) and realised that my hair ambition was that of a teen K-Pop star…!!! I haven’t ruined the condition (yet) and thankfully have Philipp Kingsley super king size bottle of Elasticzer to plaster on every week to keep it from looking strawlike.

I even managed to read several books – proper ones not something I downloaded for the Kindle 99p store. I had so missed the turning of pages and folding down corners to ‘keep the page’. There is something so tactile about doing this simple act. I try and encourage all my children to follow suit but they think I am mad to suggest it. They memorise where they left off or stick in any object as a temp bookmark. Nearby is a great independent bookshop which stocks lots of different titles and have useful postcard size reviews to tempt you to read them. I’m all for supporting local businesses and I did enjoy the chats with the staff and their recommendations. Then I had a terrifying thought that during my non-work period, I was becoming one of those lonely people who took up shop assistants time. Usually witnessed in supermarkets and normally by OAP’s holding up queues to talk about the weather etc. * Yikes * 

I am now back in the workforce and working in the City which is a whole new ball game. Who knew women still did that Working Girl thing of wearing trainers for the commute before swapping out for heeled court shoes? I need to dig out my vintage Ferragammo’s so I can blend in with the crowd. I have to say I am finding it tricky on the whole ‘what to wear to work’ dilemma. I had dry cleaned and pressed all my suitable clothing and I just look at it and think BORING. Tones of whites, grey, navy and black stare back out at me. 

I did wear a red crepe Goat dress on that one hot sunny April heatwave day we recently had. It was noted that I looked ‘bright and summery’. On another day I wore a peony pink silk blouse with navy tailored trousers and again the comment was ‘that’s a bright colour’. I think the word ‘bright’ means something negative in the world of banking here….Oh dear I miss being able to rock up to the office in a striped Breton t-shirt, leather skirt and pink trainers. Yes I did work with a bunch of Millennials and now I really miss those sartorial fun days :-(  maybe I should have held out for the job with the entertainment company and took a pay cut but it was a decisive decision to move away from Media and into the world of Finance to maximise my earnings as I’m now middle aged and try and need to fill my pension pot. I finally feel like an Adult and now look like one too – all dowdy in a tucked in blouse and pencil skirt.  The other morning I asked t’husband how do I look and his immediate response was ‘you look like you work in a bank’. Haw haw how we all laughed at that remark but sob, sob how true! 

My only small but style details are my earrings, I now have two piecing’s in each ear lobe. My Pinterest board was full of Maria Tash sparkles and I just thought why the hell not rock up to Claire’s Accessories and get my ears done.  Mid-week there was no queue during school hours and a lovely assistant, with the longest nails but still dexterous wearing latex gloves; punched the holes evenly spaced alongside my old piecing.  I am seriously thinking of getting the conch part done too but I have to say the pain was more stingy this time and I have to sleep a flat on my back to avoid squashing my ears as they have remained surprisingly sore for a while. I got some Pilgrim huggies hoop earrings which pair well with my Dinny Hall bamboo gold hoops. I would love to get a tiny row of diamonds studs stretching all the way up but I don’t have even sized ears. One lobe is a tiny bit fleshier than the other and although it hasn’t happened to me yet I know gravity and ageing can give you saggy wrinkled ear lobes – what joy another thing to look forward too. 



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