I’ve been to Chelsea

After many, many years of wanting to go to the Chelsea Flower show but never getting round to buying a ticket let alone become a member of the RHS, I finally got to go #workperk Thank you for the spare ticket and what an amazing transformation of the Old Royal Hospital grounds . I managed to push my way past the evening crowds to get a good look at the People's Choice winning garden by Mark Gregory. Inspired by Yorkshire it really was a pleasure to see it transplanted in Chelsea. 

I loved the mossy balls in the Japanese Artisan garden by Kazuyuki Ichihara and and the Grand Pavilion was full to bursting with blooms. Very impressive Alliums, what a shame I can never grow them in my own back yard. Slugs get them as soon as they push up - they eat everything :-( 

My sister sent me several textes to try and track down Sarah Raven to get hold of some wallflower seeds but it's such a big site it was hard to navigate to find her stand. 

I really should have bought those Ikebana Japanese sissors and also the French secateurs but I was carrying a tiny clutch bag since it was a champagne and canapé evening event I had bagged an invite for. I didn't have to go in at the crowded main gates, but got to bypass the hoi polloi and go into a VIP area when I flashed them my swing tag. Nice 

I have to admit I did loiter around the BBC area to see if I could photo bomb Monty Don from Gardeners World but I must have missed them filming (stuffing face with tiny food) #sorrynotsorry 

I re-wore my midi blue floral dress from the Royal Wedding paired with a lightweight cropped jacket I had bought the day before from New Look  - currently on sale. 
I loved how the other ladies all wore floral dresses at Chelsea. You've got to run with a theme there! 

By the end of the evening my feet were aching even from wearing mid heeled sensible shoes. London is always AMAZING  when it pulls out all the stops for a floral show. I can see why the Queen loves going every year and how all the horticulturalists , gardeners etc keep exhibiting to show off their finest plants . It's all so very British - did you know the only time Chelsea Flower Show did not happen was during WWII ?? For obvious reason of course ! 


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