Men Vs Women

Cage Shoes, Platform Clogs, Peep Toe Boots - sometimes something comes along which you gotta have; making you look fashion forward but leaves men scratching their head not getting it.

I guess a man likes what makes a woman look sexy  and clompy shoes are just not sexy! Now I love these boots from Matches by Lara Bohinc but I know D will just ask me why do they have a bit missing or what is the point of them? There is no point trying to explain to him that they are the must have shoboots. It was beyond his comprehension to accept treggins, jeggins and skorts... OK made the last one up but the Curly Haired  Beauty does have a skirt/short combo outfit.

A lot of women think SJP is a an amazing looking woman with a great dress sense. But ask a man and he will think she looks a bit horsey....


  1. Love those! and yest you are right about SJP most men do think that.

  2. Men don´t have the foggiest idea what it´s all about!


  3. While I didn't understand half of this blog you are right about one thing, SJP (needed the link, on behalf of all men reading this - thanks for including one) is at least a bit horsey. However, she certainly dresses her ugliness up well.

  4. The comment about SJP is true, but we love her as she always looks fab, so much so that we don't notice anything else...

    Mini-me also has an item of clothing I have been calling a 'skort' but I thought it was the actual name for it -lol


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