Summer time

Hooray its been a long time coming, Summer has lasted a whole week and looks like it may even last another. 

Its been so lovely outside, that I've not spent much time inside at home; surfing the net blogging or commenting. Gotta make the most of it, paddling pool has been inflated, Gazebo is up, vegetables are growing and we may have strawberries on the way. I spent half the weekend on my own without D's help - so with 3 to entertain, a fox loose in the suburbs, I improvised. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been enjoying splashing about with a washing up bowl of water. I've never seen them drink so much water before (using Curly Haired Beauty's toy tea set). OK there's a bit of sand and grass mixed into the water but that won't harm them very much. CHB is in her pink sun suit and thinks she looks like Barbie in A Mermaid Tale . She's yelling she is swimming 'watch me, watch me' in the 2 inch depth of water - the paranoid mum in me won't let me fill the pool right up in case of drowning. No one is allowed to die on my watch! 

In W1 its hot, hot, hot - the heat is radiating out of the pavements and so far I have surprised myself by not trawling the stores for the summer Sale bargains.  Too many people out and about and the thought of the packed changing rooms, long queues to tills makes me think I could use my lunch break a little more wisely. This may raise a few eyebrows but I am already looking ahead to next, next season -SS11. This Burberry Prorsum Pre-Collection coat has caught my eye. It's got a touch of the Bet Lynch about it, re-worked of course! I just love that pulled in tight belted look. No doubt copies will be seen in Mango, Hennes etc. 

 This may sound daft but I guess I still have my fashion brain cells working ahead of the season - August was normally the time we would shoot the Christmas spread. A memorable shoot was in a grand house in Clapham over looking the common. It was so big inside there was a kitchen upstairs on the 3rd floor as well as one in the basement.  We had the interior styled with a massive Christmas tree, a roaring fire (my goodness that was hot and hard work to keep the flames going) The 'model' family - Dad with square jaw, a trim Mum and not looking at all tired (unlike the reality  for real mum's!) Boy, Girl. A huge mountain of fake wrapped up presents. By the time the shoot was over, samples were packed and sent back to the PR's - I felt I had truly 'done' Christmas and could never work up the enthusiasm for the real thing when it time came along.  


  1. That coat is gorgeous! Glad the kids are enjoying the sunshine!

  2. Wish I had a garden for mini-me to play in, we've been camped out at the local common ;-)

    Will definitely be going to gurgle awards, esp now it's at the soho hotel, will be coming straight off hyde park from the wireless festival tho :-/


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