Marni Madness

It's been a furious Twitter day for me today....started out with not being able to log into the Hennes website to purchase on-line the Marni collaboration collection. 30 minutes of refreshing the web page and no joy. So I had to brave the scrum and get down with real people and queue outside the Oxford Street store. Only to be told to come back at 1pm as they had run out of wristbands and had to re-fresh the stock.

Bah humbag

Anyway to cut a long story short I went back to the store during*ahem* my long lunch break. Made it through two queuing systems, survived the 10 minute allocated time to shop and walked away with the following items:

I haven't tried this trouser suit yet, I could only get it in a size 10 - so it could be making its way onto my sale site
This dress is a perfect fit and will look good with my crepe fawn Ghost jacket
Super swingy umbrella shaped skirt. Much more shinier in real life

I also got the following items - but I'm taking them back for a refund due the fit and cut not being quite right for my figure ...yep I did get Marni madness fever - but I totally blame the hot sunshine, lack of food/lunch and being caught up in a shopping frenzy

The photo doesn't show you the weird batwing like sleeves
Strange cut which made my boobs look droopy and I'm an A cup!

I would have dearly loved to have got the blue swimsuit and maybe a few of the chunky necklaces. But sadly they were already sold out.

I want to thank all the Twitter company I had today, you kept me highly entertained in the queue Mwah x twosp


  1. You did well!! I'm wearing the blue skirt today xx

  2. Hi my dear! wow, you managed to get some of the loveliest pieces, I hope they all fit well too, I really like the umbrella skirt! Great to hear from you, hope you're keeping well and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend too xx


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