Nice cuppa tea

Yesterday I really wanted a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea with a mountain of hot buttered toast. Alas that was not to be as soon as I got home the realities of 'me' time disappeared to attend to the curly haired Beauty. She can say "sandwiches" and has learnt to role play with her Pottery Barn lunch bag with realistic felt sandwiches, juice box and apple.

But I did get to tuck into a delish Portuguese custard tart, scoffed really quickly in the kitchen before the curly haired Beauty could spy it. For a child who doesn't eat during meal times, she is really good at snacking on other people's treats.

Managed to take off the chipped nail polish from last week's manicure. Nails Inc South Molton St would have survived a whole week if I hadn't been so busy in the garden. This evening I mananged to slap on Elemis Papaya Enzyme exfoliator. Got to get the pores squeaky clean again after working near a whole week in W1. I'm still loving working in town but I just wished it wasn't so polluting to my complexion.

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