Birthday girl

I've been foiled by the weather, snow has arrived in my part of the world and all those little bits of Christmas internet shopping I had planned are unravelling fast! I was so much organised earlier this month for Curly Haired Beauties 4th birthday party. I had the Hello Kitty themed party-wear delivered by Party Pieces; not yet got the Royal Warrent - ran by Kate Middleton's parents but as good as....

We even had a Hello Kitty Pinata, and the children threw themselves enthusiastically at it to get at all the sweets inside. I didn't plan much party games, as the girls took themselves off to play with the new toys. Leaving the twins to play with the wrapping paper and one lone 5 year old boy cousin. I ended up playing musical statues with him and gave him a prize for being so good. Moon Dough - which he informed me 'never dries out' - ah bless the kids TV adverts that have been on non-stop at this time of year.

I got a personalised cake topper to decorate my home made egg-free chocolate cake and felt pretty good that we had made it as nut free and egg free as possible. Toddler Wild Thing had his egg allergy confirmed a few days before the party plus he is also allergic to nuts! But weirdly Thing 2 is no longer allergic to eggs so at least it makes things slightly easier on the cooking front. Although we have to slowly introduce him to cooked eggs and that means baking him a batch of cupcakes and  feeding him one a day, quarter by quarter until he can consume 3 in a day without any ill effects and then move onto other types of cooked eggs. Mmmmm sounds straight forward but with Toddler Wild Thing being the human hoover, it going to be pretty hard to try and separate him from his lucky cake eating brother.

Happy Birthday darling I don't know where the time has gone. When I look back and remember the 3 day labour, your actual birth was a relief and full of joy. We were truly blessed when you arrived, your lungs working at full capacity and I got to meet you for the first time when you were plopped into my arms. Its a moment I will always treasure as it was the only time I was able to hold a new born. I shed a tear for the loss of not being able to experience that with your twin brothers. Helen the Doula was my kind wonder, who selected your little outfit and put on your knitted woolly hat. Your dad gave you your first bottle while I dozed off (48 hours no sleep).


  1. THREE DAYS? Crikey. Do love the Hello Kitty birthday party things :)

  2. She was/is beautiful. Congratulations to you both! Now I want a Hello Kitty party...


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