Things to do if I had 45 minutes - child free time

My task for next week before I head to Charles Worthington for my bi-monthly cut and finish.

Anyone out there want to take the 3 tots off my hands so I can do this in peace? I really need to focus on the job as I want to avoid a Steven Seagal hairline effect...

Nothing worse when the colour stains your scalp or blobs leave a greyish tint to your skin! I have dark towels at the ready and learnt my lesson from last time not to wear brand new Sass & Bide jeans and kneel into the dye.

I know I should probably get my colour done in a salon but they colourist always suggests to add more colour to lift the black and lighten the effect of having such dark hair; I like my black hair, I don't want crazy colour - I just want the white strands gone. Past suggestions have been blue, purple, copper and red. Fine if you have the time to maintain it but but not this Mrs.

Photo of Nicki Minaj from here

I know lightening hair is suppose to make you appear more youthful. Its worked for these lovely ladies - but I could never go blonde as it would look so wrong and my hair will never recover and neither will my wallet ££££


  1. I love that last photo of Anna

    Sorry can't help right now but you can book me in advance if you show me the pink champers stash!! xxx

  2. Hi my dear-hope you get some 'me' time sometime soon, have a nice week ahead! xxx


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