Pretty in Pink

Should I? Shouldn't I? am I too old to wear these???

 I actually gave up wearing pastel pink when Curly Haired Beauty came along...we were looking ridiculous in matchy-matchy outfits (baby girlswear only comes in pink!)
Or maybe I should stick with this  Travel Kit by Fekkai 

I'm currently chopping and changing my hair treatment and this is by far the best shampoo, conditioner etc. for my colour diaster hair. After one wash my hair is so soft and silky and super shiny.

I'm going back into the salon to get the tri-colour I've been left with, all covered up in my natural colour. Ho-hum lesson learnt I cannot take in pictures of 20-somethings and say make my hair look like that! 


  1. Answer to your first question "no" unless you going to a Fancy Dress party dressed as somebody from Fame.


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