The face filler post

I did my annual trolley dash for max-strength-fix-my-face beauty products a few weeks before my birthday. Upon several recommendations I bought the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Discovery Collection. It contains a cleanser, serum and day moisturiser all contained in a lovely little white box.

The air pump needs a good pounding/shaking to get the products out but once slathered onto the face I think it really did do something. My skin felt much softer and looked more glowy after only 2 weeks use. They have lovely customer service and a few tweets to check, The Discovery Collection should last 2-4 weeks with daily use. The products smell delicious, backed with serious science ingredients and natural essential oils. I think the next step for me is to book in for a facial treatment at Skinesis Clinic to help maintain the routine.


  1. Save your money. I'm so disillusioned with skincare right now and keep checking the ingredients of cheap creams that have the same ingredients as those costing hundreds! x


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