Meal for One and other pleasures

So tonight I have scarffed down a ready meal lasagne thoughtfully provided by t'husband, made a Pimms and just about ready to watch the Great British Bake Off, uninterrupted by said husband and small children. They have thankfully departed for the in laws to see in the remaining Summer (4am start).

I'm revelling in my Oneness and apart from the Ocado Man this evening I am on my lonesome and loving it. In anticipation of just eating what I want, when I want the next few days; I got a little carried away with my hic n click on line shopping (as described in Grazia).

A lot of eggs will be consumed - Twin 1 is still allergic to eggs so Its rare I get to use them in recipes and I have treated myself to blue ones...Blinis with sour cream and lumpfish roe (poor mans caviar), moussaka, Thai broth mussels, got an around the world cuisine theme going on in my fridge! #simplepleasures

Afterwards rather than tackle the daunting pile of uniforms that need hand sewn labels I shall snuggle down and catch up with some mags and catalogues. Try out some new Decleor lotions and potions that had arrived earlier in the day - a more sucessful online purchase.

twosp x


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