Laduree treat

Sunday morning munchies, a cuppa tea and a box of Laduree macaroons , all three midgets are napping - so its a perfect time to indulge. I just love these pastel coloured treats and to scoff a box full uninteruppted is bliss. Now Bonfire night is over I can now offically start trawling the web for christmas present ideas. Do I go the down the Argos/Amazon route and get it all in one place? This year we are only buying for each others children. Previous years we had to do the whole family, D is one of 4 and I have two siblings myself plus their kids and two sets of parents/in-laws, godchildren etc. It all adds up. Until I go back to work in the New Year it will all be cheap and cheerful tat this yuletide with maybe a dose of homemade crafting if I ever get the time to make anything.


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