I was horrified during a recent dinner conversation, the lengths people went to, to nab the Stella McCartney children's collection for Gap. I admit the collection is super cute but I fundamentally object to paying £80 quid for an item of clothing that a child will grow out of it in a nano second or wreck it on its first outing. And this person bought two of them - one for her precious to wear now and one in the next size up!!! I would much rather have spent the money of this lovely Paul and Joe jacket from Stylebop. OK slightly more expensive but hey its an investment piece, which would get a lot of wear.

Now my own curly haired beauty has very strong opinions on what she wants to wear - currently a lot of pink to the point I had to give up wearing it myself (matching mother and daughter is NOT a good look). When she was a baby I never had to resort to putting on a ridiculous hairband to let people know she was a girl. She was born with a full head of black hair, which turned curly after she became one. We used to get stopped so often by little old ladies to admire her, that I actually signed her up to a modelling agency. She has earn t her keep and can be seen in the current Mothercare Christmas campaign. Yep I am here.


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